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The Times They are A’Changing

June 13, 2011

Summer is fully upon us in all of its sticky, muggy glory. When I sighed with relief this morning because temperatures were only predicted to be in the 70's, I knew this for sure. In preparation for the sunny hot days ahead, I spent some time this weekend preparing my car for the new season.

I keep a number of supplies in my car during the winter months in anticipation of an emergency or unexpected situation. However, it's important to keep one's car appropriately stocked during the summer months as well. Here's my list for my car's summer kit:

  • Water. This is a must. Dehydration and heat exhaustion are realities. Lack of water can turn a simple delay or minor breakdown into a dangerous situation during the hot summer months. In addition to keeping a bottle or canteen on hand and within easy reach, store a gallon or two in the trunk of your car or behind a back seat in case of a real emergency.
  • Flashlight. 
  • Food. Store a few simple non-perishables like granola bars and dried fruit.
  • Shoes. I travel to and from work in shoes that will be simply useless in an emergency. Keep an extra pair of comfortable sturdy shoes in your car.
  • Clothes. The long, sunny, summer days mean that impromptu outings and random adventures are bound to occur. I keep a change of casual clothes in my summer kit along with a pair of flip-flops.
  • Giant Beach Towel. A giant beach towel can double as a picnic blanket or a wrap on a cool evening.
  • Overnight supplies. Getting stuck somewhere overnight unexpectedly is no fun. But the inconveniences of a breakdown or emergency can be alleviated by keeping a few simple overnight necessities in your car. A toothbrush and some soap can make many inconvenient situations more comfortable.

What are some supplies on your summer car kit?

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  1. Um…. sometimes I am absolutely astonished by your personality. Amazing ideas. They simply wouldnt have crossed my haphazard mind. My car kit: diapers, wipes, paper towels, baby carriers, and a stroller. So, nothing useful in an unusual situation. I will duly ponder your advice. After all, the only thing worse than being caught in a bad situation by yourself is being caught in a bad situation with three kids. Ack. (Granted, in five years, given that I can avoid driving in rush hour and bad weather, I have never been in a situation where extra provisions would be necessary..)Cheers!Monica

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