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Just a Normal Day

November 30, 2012



The changing of the seasons, the slow slide of autumn into winter, marks the gentle rhythm of life, pulsing always forward, always shifting, but much the same.


Sometimes you don’t realize how much things have changed until you look back.

Just over three years ago, I registered for my first M.A. class and now I am nine days away from the final deadline for the last project of my degree. Every day was sort of like the one before as homework and semester schedules wove themselves into the fabric of my life while I stayed up late to meet deadlines and read and wrote mountains of paper in between life and work.


Except now, everything will change because now it’s almost over and I’m almost done with school forever. So my normal will change in nine days and something else will fill the spaces where homework used to be.

One year ago I had gone on a couple of dates with this cute energetic engineer. We would meet up after work for dinner and then we would walk through the damp chilly November evening, making circles together around the Capitol, the marble shining bright-white against the fall-sliding-into-winter sky as we talked about everything.

And long walks with him and making dinner together and endless hours of conversation wove themselves into the fabric of my everyday life and we created a “normal”.


Then on one brilliant fall morning just over two weeks ago, as the few remaining golden leaves gleamed in the sunshine under the clearest of blue skies, in front of the same white marble building, he asked me to marry him.


And now I still go to the grocery store and meet deadlines and walk to work every morning with the rest of the world and make dinner with him and we take long walks together on sunny weekends and our every day is much the same.


But it’s different somehow too now because while I’m typing Normal Work Email #57 out of 320 I see the ring on my left hand out of the corner of my eye and I stop typing and stare and realize that, somehow, while every normal day slipped gently by, my “normal” was shifting and now it has entirely changed.


And now during our normal endless hours of talking we are planning a wedding, which is an entirely new experience. I suppose, too, our normal while we are engaged will probably be different than our “normal” while dating, which will also change again to a new “normal” once we are married.


I’m sure there is some cliche message beneath all of this but I don’t know what it is, except this: your normal is changing. And your normal is changing you. As you go about every normal day, your world is shifting and soon it will change for good and today will just be a memory.


Change is coming and it will bring beauty with it and good things and rings that catch on beams of light as you type, but it will also bring new challenges and new stresses and new reasons to grow.


So rejoice in every lovely gift that today is handing you. Take risks and be bold and have the courage to let your normal change.


But also remember to do normal things. Take long walks and eat cupcakes with lots of frosting and make dinner with those you love and remember that life will not always be what it is today.

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