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Steamed Lobster

July 9, 2013

Steamed Lobster

Remember that time that we joined the ranks of happy Costco members? That day Mark and I bought Really Important Things like headlamps and pistacios? Well, we also bought lobster tails. On a whim. They looked so fat and lucious. And Mark loves lobster. They basically serenaded their way into our cart.

I spent a significant portion of Monday trying to figure out how normal people cook lobster tails. You can apparently grill, broil, boil, steam, poach, bake, or even fry lobster. Maybe you can even eat it raw if you’re brave. I am not brave, however, and I do not own a charcoal grille, so I settled on the steaming method.

Dear readers, I was terrified. Petrified. Totally intimidated. This was not Your Average Chicken Breast. But armed with a combination of recipes, my trusty colandar, butter, and cayenne pepper, I went to work. And folks, the lobster tails were delicious. Tasty. Flavorful. So perfectly white. Everything that lobster should be. They were a little dry and probably should have been cooked for 16 or 17 minutes instead of 20, but otherwise….heavenly. As were these Gingered Brussel Sprouts.

Steamed Lobster

Steamed Lobster with Garlic Butter Sauce

Lobster Tails – Two 8 oz.

Butter – 12 tsp.

Minced Garlic – 3 tsp

Green Onions – a few stalks

Lime juice – 1 tsp

Cayenne pepper 

White pepper

Lemon slices

Mince the green onions. Melt the butter into a small saucepan with 2 tsp of minced garlic, the minced green onions, and lime juice. Cut the top shell of the lobster carefully by inserting sharp kitchen shears into the head-end and slowly cutting through the shell (but not the meat) along the lobster until you reach the tail area.

Place the lobste tails into a colander. Spread the two pieces of the shell apart gently and sprinkle white pepper and cayenne pepeper into the gap. Pour two teaspoons of the melted butter garlic sauce into the gap as well. 

Fill a large pot with two inches of water. Add a 1/2 cup of wine, 1 tsp. of garlic, a generous sprinkle of cayenne pepper, and a generous sprinkle of white pepper. Allow the water to come to a rolling boil. Place the lobster into a large colander and place the colander into the large pot. Cover the pot with a lid. Set a time for 17 minutes. 

Slice some lemons and pour the melted butter into a jar.

When the timer rings, turn off the heat and move the lobsters from the colander to the plates with tongs. Pour additional butter over them and sprinkle lime juic on top. Enjoy, dousing the lobster with butter and lime juice throughout the meal.

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