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Today I Complain About My Interior Design Phobia

July 18, 2013

Remember that time that I said unemployed English majors complain annoyingly about ridiculous problems? Today I'm whining about decorating.

We're essentially unpacked and settled post-wedding and I'm beginning to decorate our space. Or attempting to, anyway. I have commitment issues when it comes to design. I love looking at rooms and pallates that others are able to create but I have difficulty actually committing to pieces. 

I think I'm secretly terrified of purchasing a bunch of random, mismatching items that look terrible together.

We don't even have a normal-we-are-married-and-have-an-adult-bathroom shower curtain yet because I have decorating-commitment-phobia. And so we have been shower-curtain-less for three weeks. Poor Mark. Fortunately, I'm married to a man who doesn't panic about things like decorating but eventually one of our mothers will come out to visit and someone will wonder why we don't have a normal shower curtain like normal adults.

Thankfully, my grandmother gave us a beautiful quilt for our wedding. That and Mark's great selection of paint colors from his house over-haul have given me a beautiful foundational color scheme – a mixture of a soft gray, a deep brown, a serene blue, and a happy orange. 

So I'm trying to become braver about design because this is a ridiculous problem.

Yesterday I wandered around in T.J. Maxx for 30 minutes hopelessly waffling between candle-holders and decorative signs before finally committng to a reed diffuser.


I know. I have a problem. 

But fortunately for me, the world of decorating blogs provides endless inspiration. Today, here is a list of 4 posts from some of my favorite design blogs. Maybe if I stare at them long enough, my house will decorate itself!

1. The Inspired Room – I love the way she mixes bright colors and patterns. 

2. Apartment Therapy – I can always find an inspirational color scheme, collection, or idea here.

3. Dear Lillie Blog – I especially love the stone pitcher and the bookshelves in this collection. 

4. The Lettered Cottage – I love the mixture of textures (light wood, glass, chalkboard) in this kitchen. We have a lot of great wood and stone textures in our house, so it's helpful to me to see how others have decorated around great underlying textures!

What design blogs inspire you? Where do you find design inspiration?

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  1. Emily, it must be an English thing. I do the exact same thing. I painted my house early spring in wonderful warm tones. I left everything off the wall thinking I would have a fabulous design plan. Well I cannot commit to a thing. I have bought one picture frame and the rest of what I already had sits along the wall on the carpet waiting for me to decide. So I hear ya!

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