A Tale of Smelly Plants and Delicious Wraps

Once upon a time, an unemployed English major discovered flat bread. And her life (and the life of the happy-go-lucky engineer she was married to) changed forever. Because you can do anything with flat bread. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

You can put veggies on it. Meat. Rice. Beans. Salsa. Hummus. Mayo. It’s an endless blank slate of colorful possibilities. I have no idea why I’m discovering flat bread at 25. But, readers, don’t be like me. Don’t live without flat bread for one more second.

Let me start at the beginning. The stinky plant was blooming at the Botantical Gardens. In D.C., this is a big deal. Apparently. The Washington Post even ran an article on it. This plant only blooms every couple of years and only is in bloom for 34 hours. Then it dies.


To top this off, it was advertised as smelling like a dead corpse. (It smelled more like decomposing leaves, but I speak from ignorance, since I’m not around a lot of corpses.)

Obviously, Mark and I had to go see this phenomenon. And I believe every early evening expedition in the summer must be paired with a picnic.

So we went to see the smelly flower and then ate this lucious meal while lounging at the tables on the patio of the Botanical Garden.


Although the smelly plant is gone for another couple of years, you too can enjoy the picnic part of our expedition.

Here’s how your day should go if you want to end it with a glorious picnic:

1. Buy some flat bread. Costco sells it in big packages of Roll-Up Bread. It’s probably called something else at your local grocery store. It looks like this:


2. Arrange two pieces of flat-bread on two pieces of foil that are only slightly larger.

3. Make this rice.

4. Spread a thin layer of hummus over the bread, leaving about a 1/2 inch on each side.

5. Chop up some baby kale or spinach. Spread a thin layer of that on the hummus. (Keep every layer thin. Trust me.)

6. Spread a thing layer of the rice over the greens.

7. Chop up some colorful bell peppers. Spread them thinly over the rice. (You’re getting the idea.)

8. Carefully roll the wrap, starting with the end close to you. Push gently on the bread as it can tear easily. (Remember that time I told you to make each layer thin? If you didn’t follow my directions, this whole rolling process will be messy and your wrap won’t be as pretty.)

9. Wrap the pieces in the squares of foil, sealing the ends.

10. Grab some wine (or sparkling water if, like us, you live in a heavily populated area with open-container laws).

11. Have a picnic.

The End.

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