Friday Linkage (And Some News!)

Happy Friday! Mark and I are (for once in several weekends) not outof town or ultra-booked this weekend. I see omelets and blueberry muffins in our future.

This week was a good one. I hit a low point in the middle of the week where I was ready to throw in the freelancing towel and return to the office. An office. Pretty much any office that would take me. And then, suddenly, work blossomed. There's still a lot of progress to be made before I can call this freelance life a complete success, but for now, I'll continue to work from the home office.

Speaking of home offices, Mark and I have been playing around with ideas for our basement living room/storage area/2nd living room/reading nook. This was inspiring.

On another note, some big changes are in store for this blog. I can't announce them yet but wheels are turning, so stay tuned. I'm excited! 

And here are some other links for your weekend reading:

  • I like these decorative panels. I'm not sure I'd paint directly on the styrofoam, but I think they could be really beautiful covered in fabric.
  • I cannot get enough of Ruth Reichl's blog, especially this post about fennell pollen. 
  • Read this post on traveling. Right now. Married or single. You don't even have to leave town or spend a lot of money to build experiences and memories.