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Emily + Mark’s Wedding: Creating a Signature Day // 1.

July 31, 2013


On a beautiful June day in northern Michigan, Mark and I were married under a serene gray sky, surrounded by trees and fields and our wonderful family and friends.

I loved our wedding. It was magical and simple and beautiful and filled to the brim with joy. The weather was perfect (except for the moment two minutes before the ceremony during which the ominous sky started to sprinkle rain-drops) and the twinkle-lights didn’t blow down and everything about the day was truly better than I dreamed.

Head shot

I love talking about our wedding because it fills me with so much gratefulness and joy to remember how deeply we felt the generosity and love of our friends and family on that day. It was truly humbling to watch the energy and creativity of so many dear ones come together to help make our day memorable.


I love reliving our wedding, too, in part, because during the planning process, I was so encouraged by the ideas and advice of others planning weddings on a small budget. Our wedding day was unique and memorable and deeply personal and for that, I owe much to the inspiration of many crafters and photographers and bloggers and writers.  I only hope that our wedding can provide a little bit of the same kind of encouragement and inspiration to someone else.


My mom and sisters are wonderfully creative and we made many of the decorations ourselves. I have never enjoyed crafting before, but somewhere along the wedding-planning journey, I fell in love with it. We had so much fun creating together and made so many memories along the way and I love sharing the ideas we concocted and executed with others.




So over the next few weeks, I would love to share a bit of our wedding with you. Many of the ideas are not exclusively wedding-themed and could be used for a different kind of event. Some aspects of our planning were a little quirky or even non-traditional.



Some of our ideas simmered for months. A few of the details were the result of last-minute needs and would never have come together in the same way if we had planned them far in advance. But I hope all of my readers can glean a little inspiration from glimpses of a day I will treasure forever.

Need more inspiration? This book provided me with so many wonderful ideas during our planning process.

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      1. P.S. Would you please re-email me the link to your picasa album? I want to see pictures of the boys and I can’t find the website any more!

  1. It was absolutely beautiful and those memories last forever. Thanks for letting is be a part of your day

    1. Jill, thank you for your kind words! It was so lovely to have so many old friends join us. Now you guys are planning another wedding of your own…how exciting!!!

  2. Loved looking at your wedding posts! I have started a series of wedding posts, but I havent’t gotten around to finishing writing them or posting them. Maybe yours will be motivations to actually post them! Hope to see you again soon!

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