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Digital Photo Woes and A New Printer

August 19, 2013

All of the events over the past year (our engagement, lots of traveling, our wedding, other weddings, parties around the weddings, camping trips, day-trips) have resulted in a lot of pictures. Thousands, actually. Piles of beautiful memories of people and places that I treasure are a record of what has arguably been the best year yet.


I am an avid reader of A Beautiful Mess and this post was truly inspiring to me. It reminded me how much I love browsing through the pictures that I and others around me have taken. I love flipping through albums, scrolling through my Instagram feed, and pulling up photos on my screen. I found an old CD of family pictures that I had forgotten about the other day and could not get enough of the (now hilarious) images from several years ago that we all had forgotten about.

The wonderful apps and software available now make playing with one’s pictures even more fun than before. Although I prefer the physical aspect of creating my own scrapbooks, sites like Snapfish make digital album creation a breeze.

8-19-13 2

I used to scrapbook chronologically but frankly, I’m totally overwhelmed by the number of memories, pictures, and ideas that have accumulated since I last spent substantial time filling the pages of an album.

On the other hand, i hate it that pictures are simply accumulating on my hard drive. I feel like it’s so important to record some of the wonderful memories from this year soon.

Right now, I’m trying to brainstorm ways to quickly and effectively scrapbook days, weekends, or events from the past year or so that were particularly meaningful. I’m also working on our wedding photo album (albums?).

I am excited today because, over the weekend, we finally bought a new printer. Both of us had printers that died or found new owners during our moves around the wedding and so we have been printer-less since the middle of June. (We are both total procrastinators when it comes to buying new equipment).




But this weekend we decided to give a brand that we haven’t used before a shot and bought an Epson WF -3520. I was thrilled with my initial experiments with its photo-printing capabilities.

This little collection I printed includes an Instagram shot, a Diptic collage, and some lyrics from Colbie Caillat’s Stay With Me.  I loved the way the black-and-white, sepia, and faded tones all came out.

I’m on the hunt for creative solutions, so please share your ideas in the comments! How do you organize all of your pictures and memories?

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    1. Thanks! I hope I don’t run through all of the ink in the first cartridge during my “experiments”.;-)

  1. Snapfish has a GREAT photo book maker. We use it for giving photos to the whole family at Christmas. You can choose quite a nice hardback, and the picture quality is pretty good, too, though it might be worth sending them a message to let them know that you will send the book back if they try to reduce the quality on you. 😉 You can add notes under the photos and change the format, as well.

    Not that you shouldn’t scrapbook, but it might be nice to have someone else do the work for some of them. And the books from snapfish make very nice coffee table books.

    1. My mom and sisters have used it for a LOT of fun photo books. I definitely plan to use them or Blurb for our wedding book. I just love scissors and writing in notes so it’s hard for me to let go of physical scrapbooks entirely.;-)

      Ha! Does that work? Have you emailed them to improve the photo quality? I will totally do that.

  2. I have returned the books before. If you upload a sufficiently high quality image, I think one should expect sufficiently high-quality photos. Marty says you have to settle for not as good at some level, but if it’s too bad, they’re just cutting corners and saving money. I stopped using Artscow because of that.

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