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Tuesday Ramblings: Home Office Space Brainstorming

August 20, 2013

Our living and dining rooms are in shambles right now. We are having construction done and dust, furniture, plastic, and drywall seem to have taken over our main floor. All of the furniture from the living room is in the dining room and the living room has that mysterious empty sound going on.

IMG_3401 - Version 2

Mark and I kind of like it without the couches. For two minutes, we considered going Zen-style, selling the couches, and just putting a table in the middle of the room. Or maybe just a single candle.

IMG_3403 - Version 2

So I am working out of our basement. I’m supposed to be making a video and a power-point but of course I’m finishing today’s blog post first. Priorities.

I’m also supposed to be writing thank-you notes. I was on a roll yesterday when I got side-tracked by one of the groomsmen’s notes. I thought it would be so cute to include a picture in his note.

IMG_3405 - Version 2

Then I got side-tracked trying to set up the printer, which was not where it was supposed to be (have I mentioned that our living room is in shambles?) and then it was time to make dinner. So of course my rapid roll hit a brick wall.

And now, instead of actually working, I’m sitting here thinking about how to make this basement a more creative, effective work-space. We have the room, I think. We have most of the furniture that we would need already, minus maybe an additional small table. We also have a marker-board the size of a small country.

Something like this would be ideal:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.28.22 AM

via Pottery Barn

Maybe this for Mark’s side of the room:

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.29.50 AM

via Pottery Barn

I love the idea of using a table. A large surface would let us both work at the same time and would provide more storage underneath than a desk.

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 8.32.51 AM

via Pottery Barn

In all seriousness, though, I am trying to brainstorm a bit. We have a lot of wall-space and nooks with which to work. I would ideally like us each to have a small creative space to work in (or a slightly larger surface to share) and then another space or surface dedicated to bills, our files, etc.

What do you like about your current home-work area? What would your ideal home office include?

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  1. I love-love the one you said was an idea for Mark’s side of the room. LOVE it. NEED it. Ahem. Marty and I are extremely talented at instantly covering all surfaces, large and small, with papers, books, cameras, instruments, sound equipment, wacom tablets, ipods, and other paraphernalia. We sit side by side at a long table and I use the kitchen table for a work space. Marty’s work-space (an empty house) looks like this when it’s clean: , but it’s rarely that clean.

    -Your friendly blog-stalker

    1. You are NOT a blog-stalker. I love your comments. They CRACK me up. I mean, I could work with an extra house. That seems like an ideal solution.;-) Mark and I are just still trying to find a place for all of our combined random stuff. I think I really need to do another purge, buy some more containers, and then organize again. I LOVE using tables for desks. The work-space seems so much better than a little desk-top. We have a beautiful desk that I love but almost never actually work at it. We normally sit at the dining-room table or on the couch together when we’re working, but I think having a table downstairs would give us more space and better posture.;-) Also, it would mean we didn’t have to clean up every time we’re ready to eat!

  2. Well good, I almost didn’t comment a couple of times because I was commenting all the time. But then I couldn’t help myself. Ah well. You are really motivating me to do a random-stuff purge. And boy do I need to. If you keep talking about it, maybe I’ll get there. In a few months.

    And yes, that shelf would be terribly, terribly useful. I’m not sure what I would put on it, but if I saw it, I would buy it. I think they are vintage mail-sorting shelves? You should check craigslist.

    I use our table for everything. I used to bother with a center piece, but now I find that our table is only out of use for an hour at a time.

    Posture? What is posture? I know not of such a word. Marty and I are going to be that old, bent couple that look as if they plan to spend their last remaining years on the lookout for tasty mushrooms.

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