How We Decorated with Breathtaking Burlap Flag Banners // 5.



Many of our decorations and wedding pieces were DIY projects. But, next to the invitations, my favorite DIY wedding project was the burlap flag banners that we created.


I wanted to tie some quotes and words into the reception.




My sisters and mom and I tackled this project when I went home for Mother’s Day, a few weeks before the wedding. We had such a lovely time crafting together and having a large bulk of the wedding decorations completed gave us a lot of peace of mind later!


For those of you who want to try this, we started with a large roll of burlap fabric. We cut out dozens of flags that were all the same size, about 10″ across at the top. We used one as a prototype and then cut all of the others using the sample flag. A piece of paper cut to the right size would also work as a prototype.


Next, we mapped out the quotes and words we wanted to use. My mom, a genius seamstress, then folded the top edge of flags around a piece of twin to create banners that were the right length. (For instance, for the banner that said “Amour”, she attached five flag pieces together.


After the banners were sewn together, it was time to paint the letters onto the flags. First, each one of us lightly sprayed a bit of adhesive onto whatever flag we were working on before setting the stencil onto the flag. This helped ensure that the stencil didn’t slide around.


Then we used acrylic paint and a paintbrush to fill in the stencil, peeling off the stencil as soon as the letter was filled in. We tried both white and black acrylic paint. We definitely liked the way the white letters looked better although it occasionally didn’t stand out from the dark burlap enough and was a little difficult to read in some of the lighting.

The bolder, thicker stencils definitely were more readable than the elaborate, curly fonts.




Some of the banners contained strings of words. To separate the words, we included a flag of wedding-color-coordinating fabric in place of burlap. This added a unique touch to the banners and helped make the phrases and and words more readable.

IMG_1212 - Version 2

IMG_9927 - Version 2

We left the flags to dry for a few hours before folding them carefully and storing them with the rest of the wedding supplies.

IMG_0953 - Version 3

The burlap flag banners were a beautiful touch at the wedding reception. Some formed a fun backdrop for pictures, some helped direct people, and some were strung high across the yard helped create a sense of height in the reception area.

Need more inspiration? This book provided me with so many wonderful ideas during our planning process.

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  1. P.S. We had the coolest reception dance music picked out, but alas, Marty left his ipod it at the hotel. And then he almost didn’t make it because he got stuck in the elevator on the way down. As far as we could tell, there were no stairs. Then everybody thought that I was 30 minutes away getting ready and waited around for fifteen minutes because no one had told them I was on site, waiting in another room. Wedding drama is the best.

    • That is tragic, indeed!;-) Ah well, the story may be more memorable even than the music. Stories of wedding disasters are one of my favorite parts of weddings. I mean that in the very best way possible!

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