September Roundup . . . October Goals


September here marks the end of birthdays, barbecues, and warm afternoons lounging in the sunshine. Around here, October ushers in the era of baking, pumpkins, sweaters (um, except it’s still 80 outside as of today), and as much decorative squash as I can squeeze into the house without Mark thinking I’ve lost my mind.

September was filled with lots of lovely food // A road-trip through Pennsylvania and New York // A wedding WITH A MERRY-GO-ROUND // Mark’s birthday and my first chocolate-frosted cake // Another road-trip to North Carolina // And a farewell to the beach (which included a special parting gift to Mark in the form of that bandage and a trip to the ER).

Goals for October include:

  • More cooking and baking. I’d love to try 10 new recipes. Maybe even some of this homemade Naan bread?
  • More traveling. I’m so over-the-top-and-out-of-this-world excited about the trip we have planned for October. Can’t give it away though. Stay tuned!;-)
  • More (better?) pictures. I feel like I’m constantly taking pictures and yet whenever I look through my Instagram feed and files I’m disappointed by how much I missed and the quality of the ones I took. Practice makes perfect! This month, I’m going to take better pictures.
  • More reading. I have so many books that I am half-way through. I need to finish something.

Are you ready for October? What do you hope to accomplish this month?