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Review: How the Canon Powershot Changed Our Life

October 5, 2013

Photography Review_ Canon-Powershot_update


(Editor’s Note: Portions of this post have been updated to reflect this blog’s ongoing commitment to excellent content.)

What happens at Costco stays at Costco. Unless you buy something and bring it home with you. On Friday night, Mark and I tromped up to Costco to see what was up (because we’re cool like that). We’ve been toying with the idea of buying a real grown-up camera for a while.

We’re in the process of planning some trips and we wanted something that would take better pictures than a phone. Bonus: When you’re taking pictures with your camera, you don’t drain your phone’s battery in 6 hours. We aren’t really ready to take the DSLR plunge yet though. We need pictures of decent quality, but the extra $700 worth of technology and professional-ism (is that a word?) wasn’t really providing us with a lot of extra.

The weight and size of the camera added to our list of concerns. Any camera we buy needed to be easily portable. A DSLR is pretty heavy and bulky for the kinds of trips we’re planning.


After a lot of camera-review-site stalking, I was convinced that I’d found the camera we wanted. The Canon PowerShot* is small, affordable, and takes (as far as I can tell in one day) great pictures. Here’s a quick run-down of the stats:

  • 12.1 megapixels
  • HD video
  • 24 mm wide-angle lens
  • Wifi capabilities
  • 30x Optical Zoom

Owners of DSLR rave about this camera on the review sites. Photographers loved their Canon PowerShot SX510 HS**, for many of the characteristics that Mark and I were seeking. We brought it home last night and I can honestly say that – in the first 24 hours – it’s already exceeded my expectations.

The size, shape, and weight of the camera are perfect (I’m all about curb appeal). It’s small but it doesn’t look cheap or fragile. It has some bulk to it which helps the photographer hold and balance it. The cost of the camera makes it very accessible. We bought ours at Costco so a case was included in our package.

I was able to set up the Wifi in under 5 minutes while I was carrying on another conversation. It was easy and intuitive. I was immediately able to upload pictures from my camera to my phone and the to my Instagram account. Such fun!

I can’t wait to try out the camera some more this weekend and to learn about all of the settings and features. Stand by for gushy updates and excessive photos!

What camera do you use most frequently?

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**Please note that the 510 model has been discontinued and the link directs readers to the 400 instead.

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  1. Sweet! I can’t wait to see pictures!

    Btw, if you ever decide to make the leap to DSLR, e-mail Marty. He’s the king of buying refurbished second hand equipment at a much better price. Most of our stuff was never bought new, and it works extremely well.

    1. Now refurbished I could do…..if we end up going down the route, I will DEFINITELY consult your expertise!

  2. Yay! Keep me posted. Bob and I want to upgrade–we currently have an old point and shoot, and the camera on Bob’s phone. I don’t think we’re ready for the DSLR plunge either….

    1. It’s kind of a big commitment. Also, I’m such a clutz. Probably not a good idea to give me a $1200 + camera. I LOVE this one so far, but I’ll keep you updated!

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