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One Sultry Fall Day, There Was A Baking Party.

October 6, 2013




Yesterday didn’t exactly feel like fall in Washington, D.C. It was sultry and sunny, with temperatures reaching 90 in some parts of the city. But that didn’t stop us. We had planned a fall baking party and by golly, we were going to have a fall baking party.



It was absolutely lovely. We laughed a lot. And talked a lot. And had a lot of oh-no-did-any-one-turn-the-oven-timer-on moments. And produced a lot of fragrant, scrumptious, fall-ish goodies.



We also were far too distracted by our cooking to remember to take very many pictures. But here are a few. Additionally, here is a list of the recipes we used:

One of the lovely ladies also made some snazzy pumpkin spice lattes for all of us. Unfortunately, I forgot to snag the recipe before she dashed out the door.



Go gather some friends and have a fall baking party. Or just grab one of these recipes, collect the ingredients, and usher fall into your kitchen by trying one this morning!

Speaking of entertaining, have you read this book about Audrey Hepburn by her son? I just discovered it and can’t wait to get my hands on it!