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Use Kale Instead: 10 Recipes to Try

October 8, 2013

10 kale recipes to try


I’ve mentioned before that Mark and I are sorta-kinda-maybe Costco fanatics. The only downside to Costco is that you have to buy everything in Very. Large. Quantities. This is a super efficient way to grocery shop and a huge help to the grocery budget, but it also forces one to buy less variety. For instance,  I don’t buy 4 kinds of greens every week. I buy the giant bag of baby kale and then spend the week putting kale in every single dish.

This has forced me to experiment a bit with recipes that I frequently use. Now I use kale in almost every dish I make instead of whatever-the-standard-green is. There is really no downside to this. Kale is pretty good for you, they say and the baby kale that Costco sells is a lot easier to manage than those gigantic green leaves they sell at Giant.

So here’s a quick list of recipes that don’t normally call for kale:

1. Omelets. 

Simply chop one cup of kale very finely then saute the kale for a few minutes and let the leaves wilt. Then toss the kale into the eggs whenever you add the tomatoes and the other good stuff.

2. Tacos.

Chop the kale into very fine small pieces. The taste of fresh kale gives the tacos a nice punch.

3. Artichoke Dip.

Yes. Yes you can. One more reason to eat Spinach-I-Mean-Kale-Artichoke-Dip (as if you needed one). Now it’s HEALTHIER.

4. Any Salad.

This recipe is from Sprouted Kitchen but there are literally hundreds of ways to make a delicious kale salad.

5. Pasta Salad.

Chop the kale into fine pieces and add to the other delicious crunch.


6. A Wrap Sandwich.

7. Kale Chips – by Kath Eats Real Food.

8. A Smoothie.

9. A pot of Corn Chowder.

Simply replace the spinach with kale and carry on.

10. Pizza – from


As an added bonus, check out:

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  1. Great ideas! Ironically, last night I made tortillas (home made — you’ve got to try it: ), which we have with rice, sauteed kale/garlic/poblano pepper mix and guacamole and meat of your choice. My all time favorite meal.

    Seriously, though, if you make those tortillas, you will never buy tortillas again. At least, you’ll never buy them again without a serious pang of conscience.

  2. My favorite kale recipe goes something like this: tear the bunch of kale into bite-sized pieces, add about a 1/4 cup oil or more if needed, a few tbsp. of honey (to taste), salt and pepper, and finely minced garlic. Knead the salad with you hands for a couple minutes until the kale is soft. It is really good!

    1. Melinda,

      That’s a great recipe! It sounds delicious! I love the idea of massaging the kale….trying that soon!

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