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DIY: Small Inspirational Signs

October 10, 2013



I have a lot of blank walls to cover still. As in, there’s only three pictures up in the entire house. We had so much fun stenciling decorations for the wedding that I thought I would try a fun DIY project and solve some of my blank-wall-woes at the same time.


Supply List:

  • Small Round sponge
  • Small letter stencils (Mine are 1″ I think?)
  • Two colors of acrylic paint
  • Wooden pieces

1. Find some small wooden pieces that are not too heavy to hang. The wooden pieces I used for this project are 1″ x 8″ in length and height. I found some long pieces at Home Depot that were the perfect weight (thickness?) for hanging and convinced a very nice employee to cut them down to 8″ for me.

2. Paint the front and sides of each piece in white acrylic and let them dry. Mine needed two coats, but I think a thicker first coat would have prevented this.


4. Stencil words that inspire you on to the pieces using the stencils, second acrylic paint color, and the sponge. I am NOT the world’s best stenciler and I think I need to practice because my stencils moved around a little. I have an adhesive spray that I probably would use if I did this again to prevent the stencils from wiggling.



5. Let the stencils dry.



Voila! Easy peasy project. Now I just need to hang them somewhere. Try it! If this girl can do this, you definitely can.

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  1. Fun idea!

    Marty, being male, was much more inspired by the idea of dreadful signs. He thought a three inch tall sign on the bathroom mirror that says “Just Give Up” would be fitting. I thought if we were going to get all depressing, “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here” would be excited on a welcome mat.

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