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Our Backpacking Adventures in Italy: Some Snapshots

October 25, 2013

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Hello, friends! My brain is a bit fuzzy right now, due to yesterday’s 22.5 hours of travel, a 6-hour time difference, and the resulting jet lag. But the important thing is that we are BACK, safely returned from our backpacking adventure in Italy.

We dragged our backpacks through the door last night after 11 nights on the road (only two of which were consecutively spent in the same place), an overnight flight, an overnight journey by train (which we have both sworn to never ever ever repeat), hundreds of pictures, and miles and miles of journey by foot, train, bus, plane, and boat.

I’m not sure whether to be saddened by the end of our journey or totally  completely utterly ecstatic to be home using my own bed, bathroom, and coffee-maker. Our trip was incredible and fun and memorable in so many ways. My brain is still swirling with sensory overload from the beautiful country of Italy. There were a lot of really high memorable moments during our journey but also a few very low ones.

Thank you so much to those of you who sent sweet messages while we were away and thank you to all of my wonderful reader for your patience while I took a brief blogging sabbatical (slightly unintended but also somewhat welcome). I’ll post some weekend links this afternoon, after I try to sort out the mixture of dirty clothes/halfway unpacked bags/empty fridge that is currently occurring.

I am so excited to share our pictures and adventures in the coming days. Enter your email address into the subscription box on the right to ensure that you don’t miss any of the fun posts! For now, I hope you enjoy this little smattering of pictures from our travels.



Italy12 Italy2










Italy07 Italy14


A restaurant near the Venice train station. // Open air markets abounded. // Flowers were sold everywhere on the streets. // The stunning Amalfi Coast. // A stately clock tower in Rome. // The river pathways of Venice. // Villages along the river in Germany. // Men on fishing boats in Solerno. // A soap store in a town on the coast. // Even the fishing boats were pretty. // A tangerine espresso cup. // Lemon, chiles, garlic. // The streets of Solerno. // The view from the streets of Positano. // Ancient ruins in Rome. // Gelato cones. //

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    1. Oh my gosh, that is SUCH a good idea, Michelle! If you see any you like and want to use it for inspiration or a model, let me know! The colors everywhere were just so vibrant!

  1. Well, that sounds awesome! And looks awesome. I was starting to wonder what had happened to you!

    1. I know, I’m terrible at this blogging thing. I just randomly fell off the map. But I’m back, with no intention of utterly disappearing for a while.;-)

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