Weekend Linkage

11-8-13 title

You know those weeks that seem to stretch on forever with weird ups and downs and rights and left leaving you just really wishing you could wake up on Saturday morning and cook some bacon? Yeah. This week. That.

Grateful for the many things this week has brought, gifts and lessons and time with friends (especially time today with one very dear friend who has known me nearly longer than I have known how to do long division), I am still more grateful for the rest and quiet and change of pace this weekend will bring.


I know I say this often, but here it is again. Normal is good. Rest from the normal is also good. (Also, aren’t the colors on that bike crazy?)

Here are some links to enjoy while you take a break from your normal.


The first sentence about crying because you’ve gotten a B+? Totally been there.

Of all the mommy bloggers I’ve ever read, Grace is funniest. Seriously. I die over her posts. Just go.

I love it when my friends start businesses (or start expanding). Check out Gwen’s products!

These creative Advent calendars made me realize how close Christmas is. (Folks, it’s time to *PANIC*!) Just kidding. But seriously…..go check out the calendars.

If you need a weekend recipe, check out this creamy potato soup. Um, would someone please come over and make me some soup?

The newest issue of Kinfolk is out. Go over there and drool. I’ll be here when you’re done.

Everyone needs advice. Here’s some tips for shopping for tea.

If a Twitter user is worth $110, then what is an Instagram + a Facebook + a Twitter user worth?

What have you been reading this week?

    • Monica, thanks for visiting my site, and I’m so glad you like my paper and projects! Sweet of you to say so. 🙂

      Emily, I’m honored to be linked on here.

      • I agree with Monica! Gwen, your papers are so cute. Have you ever thought about doing tutorials? Sooo glad to see you back in the blogging world.

        • I’ll probably do tutorials aplenty, once the wix site makes a few updates…they currently only allow one photo per post (if I had known this I would not have chosen wix), but I’m told they’ll be allowing more photos as part of their next round of updates. Until then I am just getting in the habit of posting regularly, and keeping lots of post ideas as drafts, waiting for photos.

    • RIGHT?? Also, did you see the little wooden coasters on that same etsy site?? Such adorableness. Isn’t Gwen’s stuff neat?

  1. I’d love to see some tutorials, too! Gwen, your pictures made me want to buy everything you have, but since I’m lacking in funds, I want to make some instead! Or get some of my sisters to start it as a hobby so they can give some to me for Christmas. I want your paper for little leather journals! Only, I hate putting little journals together, alas…