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Holiday Thriving Series: A Thank-You Note Basket

November 11, 2013

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The holidays should be a time of joy and celebration. They should be filled with fun parties, reunions, hours of memory-making, scrumptious dessert nights, and more -than-usual evenings of getting to play dress up. All too often though, the mere thought of Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s and everything in between is enough to cause even the most laid-back woman to break out into a panicked sweat.

Sometimes, amidst the pressures of an extra-busy schedule and seeing friends and family that one doesn’t see often, it’s easy to lose sight of the joy and fun of the season and simply wallow in stressed-out, frazzled, rushed, guilty misery.

But this year, the holidays won’t catch you unprepared, guilty, or frazzled. I’m about to teach you how to make 5 baskets that will rescue the joy of your holiday season and allow you to focus your energies on the things that are important.

Ready? Here we go with Basket #1.

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First, we’re going to make a thank-you note basket. Thank-you notes are so easy to write. But really? Are they? When was the last time you actually wrote a thank-you note after two dinners/parties/dessert nights/cookie exchanges in a row? Exactly. I always have the best of intentions after a dinner or party and then time soars away from me, leaving unproductive guilt in its place. No thank you notes get written; I wallow and feel really legitimately terrible for a little while; then life moves on.

Thank-you notes are such a lovely, warm gesture at any time, but they are especially meaningful around the holidays when everyone is running around like crazy and no one has extra time.


Supplies: (see below for sources)

  • A small basket or box (Make sure it’s small and pretty enough to keep somewhere out in the open – like your hall table – where you can easily access it.)
  • 15 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of colored or white cardstock (plain cardstock stores easily and is easier to buy in large quantities than note-cards).
  • A paper cutter
  • 15 8.5″ x 11″ envelopes
  • A book of stamps
  • 3 or 4 good black ink pens (I assume I’m not the only person who has neglected to write a thank-you note because I lost my pen a few moments before).


  1. Cut the sheets of card-stock in half using the paper cutter.
  2. Write your return address on the envelopes.
  3. Stamp the envelopes.
  4. Arrange the card-stock, envelopes, stamps, and pens in the basket.
  5. Place the basket somewhere very accessible where it can remain for the entirety of the holiday season.


The goal here is low maintenance. Effective people minimize the barriers between themselves and the accomplishment of a specific action item. By collecting all of your supplies and partially preparing the envelopes for mailing, you are minimizing the time it will take you to write a thank-you note.

Now that your Thank-You Note Basket is created, all you need to do after your next dinner/party/dessert thingy/cookie exchange is jot a few lines on a piece of card-stock, drop it into an envelope, and address the note.

Acknowledging gratefulness is good for the soul and there is something so delightful about receiving a hand-written note. Your thank-you note basket will help you send thank-you notes out promptly and frequently and will make your holiday more joyous and less guilt-ridden.


Sources: Cardstock. // Envelopes. // Paper cutter.//

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  1. bahaha — not writing because of the pen, i can relate. I have to make sure that there are SEVERAL of the same type of pen…I’ve been known to send a thank you not written in black ink and addressed in blue. or written in thick dark black ink and addressed in a thin cheap pen….because i misplaced the original pen in between writing and addressing

    1. Katy

      HA! I’ve totally done that. Some of my wedding shower thank-yous were addressed in royal purple…not because the color matched the theme!

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