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2014 Planner: Weekly Core Pages

December 31, 2013


I’ve considered creating my own planner before, but I’ve never been able to actually muster the courage to try it. Now, though, I’m excited to announce that I just finished creating the most important part of my 2014 planner and I LOVE it.


The workhorse of my yearly planner is always the weekly calendar. This is where the real action of planning out our days happens. So the weekly planner forms the core part of my 2014 planning system.


I created space for hourly scheduling, 7 days a week, from 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. I also left space on each day for planning daily activities that didn’t necessarily need to be allocated to a particular time.

I created 4 lists for each week: Goals, Tasks, Read, and Write. Under Goals, I can list my overall weekly mile-posts, while the Tasks list will include more specific “to-dos”. The Read list will include my current reading as well as articles, important mail, etc. The Write list provides me with space to remind myself about blog posts, emails, and thank-you notes that need to be written.


White-space underneath the calendar provides me with room for general doodling and extra notes. The shopping list helps me track things I need to purchase for our fridge, home, or my students in one unified space, while the quote at the top of each week gives me a little inspirational boost.

I can easily carry the 1″ standard-size binder around with me, along with my teaching notebook while the abundant size allows me to avoid struggling to squeeze all of my planning into a tiny space.

I have a lot of exciting plans for additional planner sections, which I’ll share next week! Meanwhile, I hope this provided you with some organizing inspiration.


The design of the planner makes it perfect for young professionals, moms, freelancers, Etsy shop owners, bloggers, and teachers. So if you want to try my Weekly Core planner, I’ll gladly share!

Simply subscribe by entering your email into that box in the upper right (and confirm by clicking the email that will follow) and I’ll send you a free, printable, .pdf copy of my weekly planner. I’ll even customize the name on the front for you. Once you receive the .pdf, just hole-punch it and place it in a binder and you’ll be ready to go! (P.S. If you’re already subscribed, you’ll get a free copy in your inbox, as a little Christmas gift from me!)

Happy New Year on this last day of 2013! I’m so grateful for each one of my readers and am looking forward to seeing what 2014 holds for this blog!

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  1. Cool! I was just thinking as I read your last post, “wow, I would never get around to making my own planner.” And now I don’t have to! Thanks a bunch!

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