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January 4, 2014


It’s the first weekend of 2014! Go for that run, take a few minutes to do some reading, dig out a recipe and cook something fun. Let’s make 2014 rich and memorable and great.

Here are some links to make your weekend Internet moments (hours?) more well-spent.

A beneficiary, er, victim, of a traditional education that forced everyone from the 3rd grade on to diagram endless sentences, this history of sentence diagramming made me smile.

Here are some depressing statistics about resolutions, as well as 5 reasons that you should write down your goals.

Another unique entertaining idea and some tips on hosting a progressive dinner.

Shake up your reading routines with one of these new apps for reading in 2014.

One English major resolves to begin reading again in 2014. Maybe you should too.

For brides planning a 2014 spring wedding, deadlines are just around the corner. Time to start finishing those DIY projects! We gave tea for favors at our wedding, so these DIY tea bag favors melted my heart.

Happy weekending, friends.