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January 18, 2014


Hello there! Take a deep breath. The weekend is here.

This Ted Talk will force you to rethink the importance of your non-verbal cues. Forever. It also nearly had me in tears. Mamas, teachers, and anyone who ever interacts with other people: go spend a very worthwhile 20 minutes watching it.

This recipe for vegetable soup nearly saved my life and my sanity this week and totally changed the way I think about vegetable soup. I made some slight modifications (to be shared later) but you should make it. Pronto.

I love these tips on living in small spaces. Also, the author of the post keeps an especially adorable blog of her own.

This study of fifth-grade girls has some fascinating implications for how intelligent, smart women tend to deal with conflict and challenge as adults.

I continue to be amazed by the talents of my friends. The Scribble Pad sells the cutest cards . . . my favorite are definitely the tangerine whales.

Read this article to once again be assured that, yes, liberal arts majors do gets jobs in places that are not shoe stores.

When I was growing up, quesadillas were equivalent to bread and milk in the food staples department. Here are 8 mistakes you might be making with your quesadillas. (I can attest that my parents have been doing it right, all these years.)

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  1. Ooh, some fun stuff. I particularly appreciate the article about girls, even though I’m not even remotely feminist. It really rings true with what I heard growing about about creativity; it’s absolutely not true that you either have it or you don’t.

    I like Scribble Pad’s green deer Christmas tags myself. Love them.

    As for the quesadillas, as I grew up with them as a regular staple as well, I agree with everything Bon Appetit says except for the oil heresy. BUTTER all the way. We eat a ton of butter, and I can assure all doubters that we don’t get fat because of it.

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