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January 31, 2014

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Hello! We made it! So many things to celebrate today.

It’s sunny. And it’s not snowing. And my back steps are not buried under two inches of packed ice. And the temperatures have soared to the mid-40’s which has happened in what feels like years. And even though our washer drain pipe froze for a SECOND time, the laundry room also warmed up enough today to thaw the pipe and the problem solved itself which meant that I didn’t have to try to pour boiling water down the drain pipe or wait with my mountains of dirty laundry until Mark came home to rescue me.

My Athleta catalog came today.  Can’t I just stock my maternity wardrobe with these cute Shiva tops and call it a day? I feel like that’s a valid solution.

My sister introduced me to Folk some time ago. The photography is simply breathtaking while the style and ideas are just lovely. Doesn’t this Almond Lavender cake sounds divine? (Where can I find Lavender?) And these Comfort Cakes might have changed my weekend plans.

As someone who has a love/hate relationship with the ridiculousness brought to us on a silver platter via social media, this piece made me laugh. Although I’m not so sure I’d go so far that I’d put pictures of our low moments online (no one wanted to see last weekend’s flooded laundry room), this was a good reminder that transparency, honesty, and an occasional reality check are all healthy, even when curating a social media presence. What do you think?

During this cold, grey time, I try to soak up color wherever I can find it. This lovely collection from Design Seeds is so warm and sunny.

We are hosting a Super Bowl party for close to 20 people here on Sunday, so of course I’m on a tear to try to decorate my walls (which have survived 7 months of undecorated marriage bliss and probably will not actually be completed by Sunday). But aren’t these pretty?

Am I the only one who owned paper dolls? Even if you didn’t, Cupcakes for Clara is one of my favorite shops. It’s just too much cuteness. There’s a number of other adorable items to choose from if the paper dolls just aren’t for you, but they are my *favorite*.

What are you doing this weekend, friends?

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  1. I want to see the flooded floor! And next time, instead of cleaning up the mess, I’ll be sure to take a picture of Jack’s extract-art on the wall. I think that’s as real as you get. Although, I’m really crossing my fingers for no next time.

    I never had paper dolls, but I would play with them if they were in front of me right now. 😉

    1. Monica, did you also want to see my mountains of wet laundry??? Haha. Maybe Jack is going to be a master abstract artist . . . .

      I think you need to get some paper dolls. Too many trucks, cars, and tomahawks in your house; you need some pink frills!;-)

  2. You can usually get Lavender at Mom’s or Yes Organic Market, in the bulk section. Perhaps Whole Foods?

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