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3 Months: A Snapshot

October 4, 2014

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Our little guy is 3 months old today! It wouldn’t really be honest to say that “time has flown” and “I wish time would stand still.” Every day with Miles has been precious, but I’m so excited by the new things each day brings with him and I can’t wait to see what the next days and weeks hold. Every day now he discovers something new. (Also, the first few weeks of sleep were pretty brutal. I don’t really wish them back.)

So here is a little snapshot of our boy at 3 months.

Enjoys: Cuddling, watching Mommy and Daddy make faces or funny sounds (sometimes he even tries to imitate them!), watching himself in the mirror, playing with the rings and animals in his baby gym, going for walks outside.

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Milestones: Laughing and his first day at the beach. He laughs at his reflection in the mirror; he laughs at us – he even laughs at the ceiling fans! Miles is such a smiley, laughing baby. We are blessed to have such a happy little guy. Miles and I spent a few days in San Diego with my side of the family and Miles dipped his toes in the Pacific Ocean and felt sand for the first time.

Hates: Tummy-time. It’s seriously the worst. Some expert who clearly did not have children said that babies at this age should spend 90 minutes on their tummies. Miles protests loudly at the 60-second mark.

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Discovered: His tongue, his feet, his fists and his reflection. He loves to stick his tongue out and spends a good portion of the day trying to get his entire hand into his mouth.

Learning: To hold his head straight. I think we’re going to find a Bumbo chair today. I was nervous about getting one before because he couldn’t stabilize his own head, but I think he is ready for it.

I am in love with this stage. Miles can interact and respond (and is sleeping so much better!) but is still such a tiny baby. I feel like I’m getting the best of both worlds.

What was your favorite stage for your infants?



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  1. I know what you mean about being excited about them getting older. I liked every stage, and each stage seemed the best, but I didn’t ever want them to stay in it forever, either. They’re so fun as they get older! I can’t wait until my kids are adults, for that matter.

    1. I think that attitude makes everything a lot easier than trying to hang on to “the good ol’ days” that are always behind you! I always found it depressing when people told me that “college years were the best four!” For me, it wasn’t true and I don’t like the idea that the best isn’t yet to come!

    1. Audrey,

      Right??? They had so much spark to life. I don’t know what we did for fun before Miles….;-)

  2. Love this post and your honesty… I felt the exact same way! Miles is so stinking cute! I’m glad we get to watch him grow up

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