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Weekend Links

November 7, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! I’ll be restarting the series on joy on Monday.

The beginning of this week was busy – Miles and I were traveling and a big contract at work was concluding, so there was no interview this week, but I’m excited to share another conversation with you next week!

What are you doing this weekend? Mark’s sister is coming for a visit, so we’ll probably go explore downtown Bryan and enjoy the cooler weather. While you’re relaxing this weekend, enjoy some of these links.

A sweet video about balancing parenting and an intense career.

Have you ever used a ladder to decorate?

One wine-taster talks about losing his excitement for wine.

Stretches for people who sit all day.

Shakespeare’s best lines.

The perfect sandwich.

The making of Gone with the Wind.

(Photo: One of our shots from our trip through Germany last spring.)

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