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Friday Links

Friday Links

December 12, 2014


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Happy Friday!

Am I the only one who feels like December is racing by? Christmas will be here so soon! I’m excited, but I’m also trying to savor the month and the festivities as they occur (without feeling too panicky about all of my “to-dos”!).

I’m hoping that this weekend gives us a little bit of family down-time before the whirlwind of family visits. We are so excited to take time away from work and school and enjoy time with both sides of our family soon. Christmas for us is going to involve a lot of traveling  and I’m so looking forward to it! (The holidays will also include Mark’s first flight with Miles. I’m not nervous about flying with Miles anymore, thanks to a reliable system, but I am relieved to have some adult company on our flight for the first time!).

Here’s some reading suggestions for your down-time this weekend!

I love shopping at Target and I’m not ashamed of it, even if it does make me qualify for the term “basic”. (via Christianity Today)

This list of 35 career goals was great. How many have you achieved? (via Mashable via Cap Hill Style)

Have you heard about the My One Word project? I already know what I want for myself for 2015. (via My One Word)

Tonight, I have a cookie-exchange party. I might make these Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies. They look so tasty! (via Martha Stewart)

Some helpful tips for reconnecting with old friends during the holidays. (via LifeHacker)

Do you subscribe to paper magazines (as opposed to digital)? As passionate as I am about digital media, I still love my print media! Here’s an interesting podcast about the future of print magazines. (via DesigneSponge)

How do you feel about regular date-nights? Do you have “date night goals”? Mark and I are terribly lazy about this, both firmly believing that a shared carton of ice-cream and a Netflix binge constitute an acceptable and happy date. (This habit has its roots in our pre-baby days). But this article made me think that perhaps we should set our sights a little higher a few times a year. (via Coffee + Crumbs)

I adore Williams & Sonoma, but this Hater’s Guide will make you laugh so hard that you may cry. (via The Concourse)

What are you reading this weekend? Share in the comments!