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6 Months: A Snapshot

January 12, 2015


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We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you….no, really. The hospitality series will be back next Monday. But last weekend, we hit a landmark worth noting.

Our little guy is 6 months old! Miles has grown by leaps and bounds and it seems as thought every day brings a new “trick”. He is such a happy, lovely baby. I can already tell that we have a little extrovert on our hands because he makes friends everywhere he goes. Whenever we meets someone new, he stares at them for a few seconds and then his face breaks into the biggest, cutest grin.

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He got lots of cuddles over the holidays while we spent time with family. My mom had a beautiful red sled and the most adorable snow suit waiting for him so we took him (brief! It was coooold!) rides in the snow and he was such a good sport (even when we tipped him over by mistake – whoops!).

Here’s a quick snapshot of Miles at 6 months:

Loves: Mum-Mums (which are little rice crackers that dissolve and are perfect for babies starting to try out foods). Miles isn’t enormously keen on food yet, but he loves to grab a Mum-Mum and feed himself. He knows exactly what to do with it and spends a loooonnnngggg time getting part of it into his mouth while spreading the rest of it all over his body. Supposedly the crackers are dissolvable but somehow he manages to get so sticky!

Miles still loves his binky, his toes, and his (many!) stuffed animals. He also loves cuddling in Mommy and Daddy’s bed and likes to hang out in nothing but his diaper. Mimi (my mom) found him his first bouncy seat toy over the break and he adored it.

Tries: To scoot towards toys. He also wants to grab whatever I’m holding. He especially loves taking the mail from me and trying to eat it while I’m holding him with one hand and opening it with the other.

Learning: To sit for periods of time without help. Miles can sit all by himself now, but I’m afraid to leave him alone for very long because he inevitably tips over. He’s also finally learning to sleep in his own crib. I’ve always been so reticent to try any kind of sleep-training but things went from bad to worse around here right before we started traveling for the holidays. We’ve tried a couple of mild sleep-training tricks and they seem to be working, so here’s hoping! I put the Rock-and-Play away for good so that I’m not tempted to let him back into it in the middle of the night. (I think I’m the least disciplined of the three of us!)

Laughs At: Mommy’s rendition of the “A,B,C’s”. He inevitably cracks up when I break this one out. He laughs at tickling now and “Peek-a-Boo” as well.

Dislikes: Nap-time! Every nap time feels like a battle around here, recently. He also still doesn’t love tummy-time and inevitably rolls out of it as soon as Mommy or Daddy walk away.

Excited for: Our routine! Well, Miles might not be, but I certainly am. Today marks the start of our first full normal week back home.

Every day with our baby boy is such a gift. What was your baby like at 6 months? Prepare me!

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