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EIGHT MONTHS: a snapshot

March 4, 2015


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I’ve been working behind the scenes to change a lot of things on this blog lately and started to pitch a lot of my old post styles and series out the window. But this blog is first and foremost a creative outlet for me and a memory-keeping tool for our family. And because of that, these “Miles Updates” will  always be around. It’s important to me to document his little adventures, his growth, the changes I notice in him, and our memories of him.

But I do enjoy experimenting with different styles of documentation. For a while, I’m going to try my hand at letters directed to Miles.




You are 8 months old today! It’s crazy how time flies. I was flipping through some pictures of you as a brand-new infant a few days ago and I realized how much time has changed things, in all of the best ways.

Here are a few things I want to remember about you at this age.



I want to remember how fun these days are. They are busy and full, but not HARD in the way that your infant days were. You aren’t a toddler yet – you are still very much content to be a cuddly baby, to be carried by Mama, to eat and sleep and play as close to me as possible. But you are excited about everything – you want to touch and grab and feel everything in sight (especially my jewelry!).

I want to remember how calm these days are, later when you are a mobile little crawler and walker. You wiggle like a little caterpillar all over the floor but refuse to try to crawl – and I want to embrace this stage of wiggly immobility.


I want to remember that, at 8 months, you still don’t sleep more than a few hours at a time. Still. Some days (nights) are tough but I know that this is just a phase and eventually it will give way to the next phase and one day you won’t need me to be there every few hours. And so I’m going to try to treasure these days (nights) when you curl your little body up around me like a baby koala.

I want to remember how funny it is to watch you interact with other babies. Bigger babies that are a little more energetic and rowdier seem to intimidate you a little bit. When you play with babies that are smaller than you though, you are so gentle and sweet and curious.

I want to remember the things you are doing and loving and learning too. I want to remember that you are

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loving your musical bee-hive. You absolutely never tire of it. You loves the soft texture and spend half of your life chewing on the bumblebee and the other half bear-hugging the entire hive.

trying to see how far you can motor without crawling. It’s amazing how far you can reach just by pivoting or rolling one time. I think our days of life with an immobile baby are numbered.


learning how to play with puzzles. You loves exploring the texture of the big chunky wooden pieces and you are so fascinated when Mama makes the wooden animal pieces “moo” and “cluck”.

laughing at EVERYTHING, but especially tickling games.

starting to say your consonants – ma-ma, ga-ga, ca-ca, and da-da have all made an appearance! But “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma” was first.

reading Goodnight Moon.

eating only avocado or blueberry. Mommy has to hide well-intentioned other foods underneath those two.

playing inside a lot since the weather has been cold. You love the occasional warm day that allows us to walk outside and I know you’re as excited for warmer weather as Mommy is!

wearing the cutest pair of Eric Carle pajamas that Mimi gave you.


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