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Inspire your iPhone photography with these 6 Projects.

March 16, 2015


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(Editor’s Note: Portions of this post have been updated to reflect this blog’s commitment to excellent, updated content.)

Do you ever get into an iPhone photography rut? Even though I love my Canon PowerShot, I use my iPhone most frequently for daily documenting and always have it with me. But sometimes I feel like every photo and memory-keeping layout starts to look sort of the same.

What do you do when this happens? When I went searching for inspiration, I found some great ideas that I just had to share. I’m excited to experiment with a few of these!

1. Day in the Life/Week in the Life projects. 

Concept: Capture the story of a concentrated period of time – a day or week (or month, in the case of “December Daily”). as it happens.

Ali Edwards’ “Week in the Life“, “7 am/7 pm,” and “December Daily” are the most fantastic examples of this kind of project. This remote is particularly helpful for these types of projects.

2. Hashtag projects.

Concept: Participate in another Instagrammer’s hashtag-themed photo collaboration. It’s a fun challenge to use a theme determined by someone else and the inspiration one can glean from the other participating photos is a huge part of this.

My favorite hashtag projects are #itssimplytuesday and #blueskyblooms. (I also love my #imagesofsummer project).

3. Color-themed projects.

Concept: Theme all (or some) of your photos around a particular color. Your photos will seem more unified because of the consistency and there are all sorts of cool projects one can create with color-coordinated photos! The #crafttherainbow project is a beautiful example of this.

4. Prompts.

Prompts are always a great way to jumpstart one’s creativity. Life Documented provides beautiful daily photo prompts at the beginning of each month.

5. A specific goal.

Clear goals are always a good way to inspire creativity – most people actually work better within a crisp framework rather than with unlimited options. Elise Cripe created a photo-book with all of the photos that she Instagrammed of her garden. (Not completely photography themed, but also a great project: her “I want to remember” baby book.) My family yearbooks (based on Becky Higgins’ Project Life system) keep me motivated when I’m stumped.

6. Creating an object-themed photo project. 

Concept: Gather lots and lots of inspiration on Pinterest by looking at photos tagged with a particular object-word. Then start snapping. I’m doing this around the word “coffee” (so original, right?) and I love gathering photos for my Pinterest inspiration board to renew my ideas for composition, filters, lighting, etc.

Your turn! How do you hit “refresh” on your iPhone photography?

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