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March 21, 2015


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Happy weekend, friends! What are your plans? I’m crashing back into real life post-Spring Break (‘crashing’ is just barely metaphorical here). Anyone want to volunteer to clean my house? Otherwise that’s what I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future. That, and laundry. And grocery shopping. Life of the party, over here.

If  you’re dreading real-life re-entry after Spring Break, these tips might help. (Balance and Blueberries)

Finally, the key to success, for parents. (Hint: it’s not a busier schedule for your kids). (Thanks to Cap Hill Style and The Washington Post for the link.)

On disconnecting. (via Darling Magazine)

Love the idea of breakfast cookies! (via Martha Stewart Magazine)

Some friends of ours are traveling through India, making videos as they go to document their experiences. (via For the Ride)

An ode to pancakes. (via Wall Street Journal)

Love this bag. (via Emily McDowell)

Why kids need to take art. (via EducationNext)

Social courage and other skills we need. (via The New York Times)

If you want an essay, check out this piece on pie and modesty (not that kind). Can I just move into this blog, somehow? I’m a little obsessed. (via Life and Thyme)