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Friday Links

Friday Links

March 27, 2015


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The weekend is almost here! Hooray! What are you up to this weekend?

The weather is warming up and it’s glorious. I need to take care of some Easter preparations…and make Miles’ first Easter basket!

There were so many fun links floating around this week.

First of all, this video. Have you seen it? It’s magical. Watch it early while you’re drinking your first cup of the day. (via Life & Thyme)

I tested these mascara tips this week. They work! (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Do-ahead food prep tips for scrumptious weeknight meals! Sold. (via Chalkboard Magazine)

Drama amidst the White House roses. Was the head florist at the center of Presidential drama? (via Washington Post)

Sweet thoughts on parenting*. (via Parenting Today)

Oh my gosh, this cake. (via Smitten Kitchen)

SO SAD. But all good things must come to an end. Downtown Abbey has been a ritual in the McCord house and we’ll miss it. (via The Times)

A longest study ever conducted on how marriage makes men happier and healthier**. (via The Art of Manliness) The sweetest quote came at the end:

“Perhaps it sounds cheesy, but we are ultimately here to love, and to be loved. Love leads to our ability to “put our trust in life” and the confidence to tackle our goals. Thus if we fill our lives with warm, rich relationships, all the other good stuff – career success, prestige, adventure – will be sure to follow.”

 Everything you need to start improving your photography. (via Digital Photography School)

A set of adult twins agrees to be part of a NASA study. This is either very creepy or very cool. (via The Washington Post)

*Shannon led me to the parenting article and Monica sent me the article about men and marriage.

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  1. Emily, I enjoy your blog so much. It is so uplifting and positive! Thanks for sticking with it!

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