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Nine Months: A Snapshot

April 7, 2015





How is my baby 9 months old? 9 months! 3/4 of  year. You’ve been out in this big world with me longer than I was pregnant with you now, which seems like a milestone in and of itself.

Here are a few things I want to remember about you at this age:

I want to remember how happy you are. You giggle uncontrollably when your Dad and I play with you or tickle you. Games like “Peek-a-boo” and “Open-Shut-Them” are simply hilarious to you, as is the game where I bob toys in and out of your reach. You smile at cashiers and strangers. When we sit on the grass outside and the breeze blows on your face, you laugh enthusiastically and kick your little toes like there you’ve discovered the greatest entertainment on earth.

I want to remember how suddenly, you move everywhere. You don’t quite crawl yet, so your movement is hard to see, like a little caterpillar, but I turn my back and like a flash, you are across the room, under the table, under the bed. You scoot backwards on your back, roll like a snowball across the floor, army-crawl – whatever it takes to reach that red ball or those wires that are just beyond your reach (or Mommy’s iPhone!).



I want to remember that this month, suddenly, without any warning and for no real reason, you suddenly start TO SLEEP. It happened slowly at first, a few nights at a time of 6, 7, or 8 hours of sleep. And now I put you down, maybe wake you up a few hours later for a late-night meal, and know with almost complete certainty that when I put you back in your crib, it’s for the night. It’s funny, too, how I miss you now if I wake up in the middle of the night and realize you aren’t crying or calling to me from the other room. I’m so grateful for the sleep and so glad my little man is getting the rest he needs, but I get butterflies in my stomach when I realize how fast your baby days are disappearing.

I want to remember how your little personality is emerging. You have opinions now – strong ones! You love avocado and hate peas. You love applesauce and (this week) won’t touch bananas. If I read you the wrong book, you throw the tiniest, funniest fit and when the book that you love ends, you throw another one until I re-read it.

I want to remember how affectionate you are. You love to give Mommy and Daddy (and Bear!) big hugs and kisses and love it more when we applaud your sweet demonstrations. You are happiest when all three of us are together. When your dad walks out the door for the day, you watch him through the window until he disappears down the stairs and when he walks in the door, your face beams.



I want to remember the things you are doing and loving and learning too. I want to remember that you are

loving your red ball. You carefully pass it back and forth with us (using the back of your hand, only, for whatever reason). If you see it in the room, you ignore all of the other toys and roll as fast as you can to get it. You pass it back and forth from your hands to your feet endlessly and thinks it’s just as tricky every time.

trying SO HARD to crawl. You love sitting in a little mini-yoga pose, rocking back and forth, not quite able to lift up your second knee.

wondering about bubbles. They fascinate you and I could entertain you with them for hours.

learning how to feed yourself. Right now, everything I place on your tray ends up on the floor. But I know this too shall pass.

reading so many board books. You stare so intently at the pages you love, the one with the baby laughing in the bathtub, the pages in Goodnight Moon, and the picture of the duckling in your farm book.

eating so many new things. You love squash and sweet potatoes, blueberries, applesauce, and of course, still – always – avocados!

playing in the big bathtub. You love bath time, splashing in the bubbles, and wiggling your toes in the warm water.

wearing your first polo for Easter!

opening your first Easter basket, knowing exactly what to do with the surprises inside and having not a clue about the plastic eggs.

Can’t wait for the next month of adventures, my sweet boy!