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My Search for The Perfect Summer Sandals.

April 23, 2015

Summer Sandals | The Orange Slate

Summer Sandals 2 | The Orange Slate

It has been the longest week – good in so many ways, but lots of early mornings and full full days. I’m also trying a new schedule/day structure with Miles to see if I can make our days a little less frantic and more peaceful and organized and it seems to be working well for him, for which I’m so grateful, but it leaves me feeling a little breathless at the end of the day.

Especially for work at home mamas, bur really for all mamas, do you find that your schedule and your juggling strategy change as your baby grows? (This feels like such an obvious question now that I’m writing it.) But seriously, do you have something that you *know* works and that sort of acts like the goal-post for structure or do you continue to flex? And when do you hit a wall and say “Ok, let’s change some things about how this day flows?” Anyway. That’s where we are.

Miles is suddenly much more active and needs a lot of intentional engagement and I am so excited that we are moving into a stage where he is discovering so much. BUT. My old (infant days) system of “I will answer all 300 emails while Miles plays quietly in his gym next to me and maybe falls asleep” is no longer functional. When Miles is up, I (or the babysitter, or Mark) needs to be focusing on Miles. And so I’m having to really think through our days and weeks carefully in advance to make sure that all of our time is organized and allocated and that Miles is getting what he needs and that Mark and I are fulfilling our work/school commitments.

I am also in the middle of a closet overhaul/packing for some summer adventures. I am not normally prone to a lot of style blogging. BUT. Summer is coming quickly and my shoe wardrobe desperately needs a little makeover. This girl needs some new sandals. Not flip-flops. SANDALS.

I love the leather gladiator styles (I’m so original, right?) and as I scrolled, I noticed that my picks were almost all falling in line with the natural leather color. I want to be able to wear this shoe comfortably all summer, but I want something dressy enough so that I can wear it without feeling like I’m dressing down – skirts, dresses, church, dinner out. You know. (So demanding. I want my sandals to do ALLLLL the work.)

I have all but given up heels for this moment in time (carrying a baby in a front-pack while wearing heels is possible, but risky, take it from someone who has tried.), so flats or nearly-flat is optimal.

So here is a run-down of the sandals I like. Which is your favorite? Cast your vote! I would love your opinions.

Summer Sandals

1. Tommy Hilfiger Ladonna. / 2. Tommy Hilfiger Leona Gladiator Sandal / 3. Steve Madden Comma / 4.Guess Rehon  / 5. Aersoles Back Atcha

I’m leaning towards a t-strap, but I really like the structured look of #3. And I like that #4 and #5 have the tiniest bit of a heel (although I would probably try to find #5 in a different color – maybe navy?).

How are you refreshing your summer closet?

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