Conversations About Hospitality.

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Lately, while I invest a bit of extra time behind the scenes around here and line up some exciting topics for the late summer and fall, I’ve been sharing interviews from past series. (If you are excited about upcoming interview series, subscribe by providing your email in that box in the upper right-hand corner.)

I’ve so enjoyed talking to the friends who have been willing to share their hearts, but the series on hospitality was especially inspiring and challenging to me.

Hospitality is really about so much more than new recipes or beautiful table settings. It’s an attitude, a perspective on life, and I’m so inspired by the way this is evidenced by the incredible ladies who shared their thoughts in these conversations.

I hope you enjoy these interviews on HOSPITALITY with Amy, Kathy, Emily, Abbie, Jess, and Shannon (along with my own answers!).

If you need some extra encouragement or inspiration as you entertain others, check out one of the sweetest food memoirs I’ve ever read, Molly Wizenberg’s Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage.


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