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July 13, 2015

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Links are a little late because of all of the work going on behind the scenes right now, but what’s better than a Monday morning with a great reading list? You’re welcome.

But first, a little announcement. Beginning July 17, I’ll be emailing a weekly newsletter on Friday mornings called “Over My French Press”.

So many of us are juggling self-employment, freelance careers, or creative paths and many of us are doing this while we spend the majority of our day home with little ones.  The newsletter will provide motivation and  inspiration for work-at-home moms and women pursuing creative careers.

The first 25 emails will be a series covering time-management strategies, encouragement about defining priorities, tips for pursuing work opportunities, my personal experience working from home as a mom, and much more.

The weekly conversation will be exclusive to this blog’s mailing list, so if you’re curious, sign up here for “Over My French Press.”

Why reading real books offline is still important. (via The New York Times)

When 500 millionaires were surveyed, they consistently attributed their success to one decision. (via Business Insider)

Now that Miles is finally sleeping through the night (mostly), I want to try this sleep app!(via Clementine Daily)

Speaking of sleep, some advice on gentle sleep-training. (via MOTHER)

Serving in the White House. (via Mental Floss)

A morning routine. (via Lifehacker)

This book is life-changing. (via Amazon)

At home with Lucille Ball (my childhood favorite) (via Good Housekeeping)

Crossing Lake Michigan on a paddle board. (via Up North)

The perfect summer dish. (via Smitten Kitchen)

Have a smashing Monday!


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