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My Best Packing Tip.

July 16, 2015

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I used to be a chronic over-packer and although my days of absurd over-packing are behind me, I still have a long way to go when it comes to being a super efficient, minimalist traveler.

Traveling with a baby comes with its own set of challenges and extra gear, but traveling solo with Miles so many times has also made me wary of being overly optimistic about what I can carry through the airport with a 20 pound baby in tow.

Even the basics that I used to toss into my carry-on bag (laptop, thick book, sweater) I now skip. It’s a little absurd to think that I’ll be able to work on my laptop (or read a book!) while holding Miles during a flight and I never get cold on flights anymore thanks to my little snuggle-buddy. Also, there is one perk of always traveling with a baby – I can always wrap up in the sarong* or blanket tucked into my diaper bag if I start to get chilly!

I plan to post about what I do carry in the airport when traveling with a baby later, but today, I wanted to share my best tip for packing (or for combatting OVER-packing) with you.

Ready? Once I’m completely packed and everything is set to go, I pull one outfit out of my bag.

Easy, right? I always assume I’ll be wearing more outfits than I end up wearing in reality. What actually happens is that I cycle my favorite/most comfortable/most washable clothes for the entire trip. So removing one outfit from my bag, no matter how carefully I packed, helps reduce the unnecessary pieces that I bring on the trip.

I’m always grateful for the extra space and always wonder why I thought I’d wear that removed outfit in the first place.

What’s your best packing tip? I’d love to hear! Bonus: If you share your best tip in the comments, I’ll link to your blog or Instagram in this week’s Friday links.;-)

*Ever since Miles started to get really curious and busy, he’s hated nursing underneath the nursing cover. Although he doesn’t need to nurse as often when we’re out and about now, I’ve started to carry a sarong (UPDATE: a muslin blanket like this would work too!) everywhere with us instead of my infant nursing cover. It’s been a fantastic solution! Carrying it around has come in handy when we’ve needed an impromptu stroller cover and picnic blanket as well.

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  1. My tip — pack just 2-3 pairs of shoes. I usually pack tennis shoes and flats/sandals/boots depending on the weather. Maybe a nicer pair of shoes if the trip includes a nice meal out, a wedding, etc. I then try to plan my outfits around what matches those shoe options.

    Tip from my mom I often follow – pack a pair of underwear and clean shirt in your carry on in case you get stuck in the airport overnight. Sometimes it might be worth packing an additional pair of shorts/pants (longer trips) This way, you have something fresh to change into if you feel nasty after being stuck.

  2. My tip…pack multiple tops that can interchange/layer for one pair of pants/shorts/skirt….you can usually get a couple wears out of bottoms with different tops. Rolls your outfits together tightly and you fit more in your bag…
    Also pack a change of underclothes in the carryon just in case you arrive without your luggage

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