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Friday Links.

August 23, 2015

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Happy weekend! It’s one of the last weekends of summer – how are you spending it? We are so thrilled to be spending some time in Michigan during its most beautiful season.

The next two weeks are a sort of transition time for us as we get ready to wrap up summer and head back to school. I’m taking a couple of weeks off from publishing the newsletter and regular blogging. (So if you haven’t seen the newsletter in two weeks, don’t panic! It’ll be back soon. )

For your weekend reading….

A fantastic list of book recommendations. (via Cup of Jo)

Things that could happen if you turn your phone off this weekend. (Still cry-laughing from this.) (via The New Yorker)

Some encouragement for your marriage. (via A Holy Experience)

We are a one-car family right now but plan to be back in the car market around the time Mark graduates and we have a million “Do we buy a minivan? Do we not buy a minivan? Are we minivan people?” discussions. So this. (via Coffee + Crumbs)

This recipe. (via Oh My Dear)

And this one. (Quick! Eat all of the veggies before summer leaves us!) (via Food52)

Some thoughts on intentional living. (via Zen Habits)

An ode to the reading of newspapers. (via Cardus)

The coffee Coffee and Espresso Maker that will literally transport you to Italy. (via BonaVita)

One of my new faves on Instagram – because MICHIGAN of course. (via Kellie&Jean Photography)

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    1. Right? We’re finally starting to look for a second car, but we’ve shared one since we got married. If nothing else, it makes us talk about the days plans. Also, it’s pretty exciting to me when I get in the car and Mark’s filled up the gas tank for me ….:-D

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