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Fourteen Months: A Snapshot.

October 15, 2015


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I chronicled most of Miles’ first year through (in part) a series of letters that I’m sharing on this blog. It’s important to me to document his little adventures, his growth, and our memories of him.

I’m hoping to continue doing it throughout his second year. This post is (again) overdue but I sort of don’t care (sorry, world!). For me, the important thing is to have these memories recorded and this blog is my own system of “making it happen”.

I’m pretty sure that in ten years I won’t care which week I posted this – late or not, we’ll be glad to have the memories down the road!

So, here, post-fifteen-month birthday, are a few notes about Miles at 14 months.

I want to know, meanwhile – how do you track your baby’s milestones (or your own memories?)




Fourteen months. How did we ever get here? You will always be my baby, but you aren’t really a baby anymore. You’re a little guy with lots of ideas and opinions and SO MUCH ENERGY.

You make your Dad and me laugh endlessly. Some parts of parenting are hard, but your smile and your hilarious antics make it all worth it.

Here a few things that I really want to remember about you at this age.



I want to remember your sweet voice calling us at 6:50 a.m. every single morning. “Dada? Dada!” We bring you into our bed to try to snag 15 extra minutes of sleep but you are normally far too excited to start the day.

I want to remember how excited Daddy and you both were when you learned to pick up and throw a ball with one hand. You wanted to practice it over and over and over.

I want to remember how you excitedly bounce up and down on your knees when you are excited.

I want to remember how you fetch your beloved elephants from the crib all by yourself.

I want to remember how eagerly you sit in your room by your book basket, offering books to read to your Daddy and I as we walk by.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I want to remember the things you are doing and loving and learning too. I want to remember that you are

refusing games or books or food that you don’t like. You energetically shake your head and protest – and you do it frequently!

drinking out of a straw. It’s so cute to watch you drink some of my ice-water out of a big grownup tumbler!

playing with whatever buttons you can find. Too often, I find that you managed to reach the button on my computer’s power cord while it was supposed to be charging!

coloring with the extra-large egg-shaped crayons that are just perfect for your baby hands. You like to pound the crayons, but you’re quickly learning the back-and-forth scribbling motion.

waving frantically whenever someone says “bye-bye”or leaves the room – or even when you sense your bedtime cues!

Happy fourteen months (and more), my baby! Every minute with you is a gift.



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