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My Word for 2016.

January 3, 2016



Happy 2016! The turning of the year makes me positively giddy – the possibilities of a new year, a fresh slate, an empty calendar all stretching as far as the heart can hold.

Over the last few years, I’ve picked words for my year. 2013’s word was SAVOR. I even scribbled a bucket list to go along with it. Last year’s word was CREATE. I had lots of optimistic aspirations that Miles and job-searching and move-planning and first-trimester-second-pregnancy sent crashing, but somehow the word still helped to define my year.

I shook off the post-partum-what-is-this-parenting-thing fog and started to figure out how to create time to craft and cook and read again. We created so many wonderful memories as a family of three. Even in the perpetually temporary throes of grad school, we forged a priceless community of friends. WE ARE HAVING BABY #2. I made progress creating memory-preserving projects and figured out systems to help me stay on track in the future.

So what about next year? Next year I want to FLOURISH. Last year found me still in the throes of baby survival-mode. Mark’s school and work demands meant that there were a lot of long days of solo parenting. Days and weeks of toddler-parenting boot-camp and and the juggle of our work and school schedules and a lot of travel apart and big decisions about our future all added up to a year that felt like perpetually holding my breath.



It was good rich year, but it involved a lot of just surviving. And I’m tired of surviving. One definition of flourish that I love is “to grow luxuriantly”. In 2016, I’m determined to do just that. No more holding my breath, no more waiting for the next break from the pressure. 2016 will be a year of flourishing, of enjoying, of embracing whatever is in store.

A new city, a new job for one of us, and a new little family member all hold the promise of so much – I want to relish every gift that the coming year holds.

Are you choosing a word for 2016? I’d love to know!

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