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Friday Links

Weekend Links.

January 8, 2016


The first full week of 2016 has come and gone – how was yours? We wrapped up the most relaxing, lovely Christmas break in snowy Northern Michigan with my family and are now trying to slap ourselves back into reality.

House-hunting is #1 on our priority list right now – wish us luck!

I mentioned earlier that my word for the year is FLOURISHING. I’ve been trying to reassess everything that I do through the lens of that word over the past few days – does this help me to flourish? Does it encourage my family, my work, my creativity to flourish? Does this make my life or our lives better, richer, happier, more peaceful? It’s amazing what *doesn’t* make the cut…but more on this later.

One post that I have loved sharing consistently over the years is the weekend links post. Confession: I’m a little addicted to my browsing; it’s especially nice to have an excuse for it! I can’t imagine ever letting these posts evaporate into the Great Internet Void, but I am going to make a special effort this year to make sure that I read and share pieces that encourage us all to flourish. Deal?

Why we would should stop trying to declutter our bookshelves or “KonMari no more”. (via NYT)

Need a New Year’s resolution still? Try forgiveness. (via Becoming Minimalist)

A fascinating and tragic story about one writer/illustrator. (via Brain Pickings)

A great reminder about identity as we all set performance goals for the coming year. Aim high and give grace, eh? (via Jon Acuff)

Do new moms actually lose their minds? (Hint: YES, WE DO.) (via The Atlantic)

For you if you don’t know what a King Cake is or why it exists. I didn’t! (via Food52)

Have a wonderful weekend!