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Weekend Reading List // 5.

March 11, 2016


What does your weekend hold? I think it’s so fascinating how our weekends change to reflect different seasons, don’t you? Before kids and crazy work schedules, weekends were for sleeping in and spending time with friends AND SLEEPING IN.

Now, weekends are for snuggling a toddler (in the hopes of convincing him to sleep for just 30 more glorious minutes) and squeezing in every single item on our list while trying to convince Miles to play contentedly with his toys for just 7 straight minutes.

So before your toddlers wake up or before your friends call to convince you to meet them for brunch, pour yourself a cup of coffee (hopefully from your Chemex! I’m obsessed!) and check out some of these links.

Happy weekend!

This is so sweet, mamas. (via Under the Sycamore)

Hope for disappointing photos. (via Life Captured, Inc.)

I made these carrots this week and Miles ate them. Toddler veggies (and delicious adult dinners!) for the win. (via Let’s Dish).

I love this idea for birthdays. (via enJOY it)

I want this vanilla cake for breakfast! (via Cup of Jo)

A fantastic documentary series. (via Netflix)

A photo app tutorial from the archives for you to play with this weekend.