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Weekend Reading List // 7.

March 25, 2016


The past week has somehow managed to hold all of the good and a nice chunk of bad all at once.

The good? My family flew in and got to spend time with us in our new house and then we all headed to Midland for a fabulous wedding weekend with tons of extended family.

The bad? I was put on  (a hopefully temporary?) bedrest. This has thrown all sorts of interesting tangles into our routine. I’m grateful for so many things right now, such as the ability to go on maternity leave early, a husband who can flex his schedule enough to accommodate our needs, family who are generous with their time and schedules and availability, and a baby and pregnancy that have been healthy overall. BUT??? Craziness. Especially with a very busy 21-month-old. If you have ideas for entertaining toddlers from bed, SEND THEM MY WAY.

Meanwhile, I’m getting all caught up on email and making mad progress on the #preserveproject and reading all sorts of fun pieces, all from the prison of my room. Here’s some pieces that you should add to your weekend reading list!

The sweetest lullaby story. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

A fun simple activity for toddlers and littles. All you need is tape! (via Hands on As We Grow)

I LOVE this list of good habits that need to make a comeback. What habits do you want to work on? My mother was a thank-you note dictator when we were little and I’m so grateful for the habit now (though mine are perpetually late!). Mark and I are reading out loud through this book together and although I love our movie time, reading together feels like richer time somehow. (via Real Simple)

I am dying to color eggs with Miles this weekend. I love these creative twists on the traditional project. (via Real Simple)

My sister sent me this thoughtful piece on the village (that we’ve lost?) and I’m still thinking about it. (via Huff Post)

This Pinterest board has links to some fabulous pieces. (via Refinery 29)

This Instagram hashtag makes my heart flutter.

Have a blessed Easter weekend!