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Weekend Reading List // 15.

July 22, 2016


It is Friday! Say it with me.

The dog days of summer are fully upon us. We are basically living at the pool, which is so much less glamorous than it sounds when you are nursing a three-month-old who does not like wind or sunshine, thank you very much, while wrangling a two-year-old who is (falsely) convinced that he can swim.

While you are at the pool this weekend, add these links to your reading list!

Whatever is up with this Pokemon Go craze. (via Vox)

Why you should ask for a small coffee in a medium cup and other pieces of life advice. (via Fatherly)

Why your imaginary pregnancy and your real-life pregnancy are so different. (via OKREAL)

Would you unfollow the Pope on Instagram? (via NYT)

How to decorate as a couple when your tastes are individual. (via Houzz)

Five sauces every cook must know how to make. (via Food52)

I am hoping that this summer reading makes me a calmer parent. Quickly.

I LOVE this baby “stats tracker”. (via lifelove+lucy)

This Instagram account! I can’t even.

Happy weekending!