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Friday Links

Weekend Links // 18.

August 27, 2016

Weekend Reading List

It’s the weekend! Labor Day weekend, my birthday, Mark’s birthday – the official last few weeks of summer always hold fun celebrations for us and I’m excited! What are your weekend plans? If you need a final bit of pool scrolling and reading, check out the links below.

Have you posted one of these shots on Instagram this weekend? Congratulations. You’re wildly unoriginal.

Mark and I LOVED this documentary on the development of babies. The end gets a little political for my taste, but the cute shots of babies interacting with their parents and the discussion about the importance of play and parental interactions in babies’ lives made the two hours immensely worthwhile. (via The Atlantic).

How to throw an epic beer-tasting party.(via The Glitter Guide)

Did you know that you can snag popular magazines like Conde Nast Traveler from Amazon for as low as $5 for a year? I just discovered this secret and may have subscribed to a number of new titles with mildly excessive eagerness.

From Pinterest

A list of emotions you (up until now) have never had words to describe.

Delicious (and supposedly less terrible for you!) cocktail recipes for these hot last days of summer.

I’m obsessed with using vertical space to organize messy work-stations.

From Instagram

An Instagram feed that is not wildly unoriginal.

And another.

From a better writer:

“You don’t overcome challenges by making them small, but by making yourself bigger.”

– John Maxwell