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Weekend Reading List // 20.

October 14, 2016

Weekend Reading List

It’s Saturday! Fall weekends are so different than summer weekends, aren’t they? The one calls for icy drinks, flip flops, and time outside – the other conjures up images of warm meals inside, heavy cloudy skies, and lots of cozy layers. Ready for the transition? I am! (Now if I can just convince the Indian summer heat to cooperate…)

We are unraveling from some time away this weekend. Here are some things that caught my eye this week . . .

Family life in a teensy apartment. (via Washington Post)

My mind is boggled by the concept of mise en place. (via NPR) Do you do this when you cook?

This piece made me cry.  (via NYT)

One method for chronicling your baby’s milestones.

From Pinterest

Fall colors.

Ice cream’s history!

From Instagram

Her food styling is out of this world.

From a Better Writer

“We’re not going to save the world one street style photo at a time now, are we!”

Jessie Bush, We The People