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Spring 2017: A 90-Second Update.

March 29, 2017

Spring update - 2017 

Backyard play

simple home spring simple play 8  


 Oh, this old thing? Just a quick blog update because I know you’re DYING to know exactly how we spend every second of our day. All of your burning questions about our closets, our bookshelves, our pantry? Answered below. What other better way could you possibly spend the next 90 seconds?

BUT. There is actually a little coupon thingy for our loyal-est fans below, so ready-set-GO. 


Violet and Miles: All of our DK Touch and Feel Books (Violet’s current favorites), King Jack and the Dragon (Miles’ current favorite), and I Am a Bunny (Mom’s favorite to read out loud). 

Emily: Emily Freeman’s A Million Little Ways and Shauna Neiquist’s Present Over Perfect (on my Kindle app).

Cooking: Lots of quick pasta combinations, different vegetables and hummus, and different toppngs on toasted English muffins or Naan bread as Mark is traveling every week for work and my patience for cooking elaborate meals for me and two littles is nil. I’ve been trying to put a lot of care into our weekend meals to make up for all of the lost family meal-time and I love this frittata chart for help putting together a yummy breakfast.


Emily: Naptime! My coffee. Watching my little herbs and flower pots flourish. I also love watching Miles and Violet learn to communicate and play. 

Miles has discovered the magic of play-dough and will play with it alone and quietly for loooooonnnngggg periods. Violet loves to bang her toy hammer violently on the toy piano. Both are pretty fascinated by Mom’s ability to blow really  “biiiiiigggggg” bubbles (as Miles says) and our yard is currently like a bubble bottle graveyard. 

Simple play 6

Simple play 4


Emily: AE jeans (or my favorite Calvin Klein pair, snagged from Costco! These are similar.) and a comfy tee from Target or Gap most days. I’m working on organizing a semi-capsule closet for the summer for myself and the kids.

Miles: We’ve begun the overalls rotation of 2017. Last year, we rotated two pairs basically all summer. It was the easiest system for dressing a busy toddler. This spring, I’m rotating a khaki pair, a jean pair, and a long pair sort of like these. I loved Primary’s long tees for kids this winter and just ordered short ones for the warm weather. Then it’s just mix-and-match all summer long! 

(TIP: Primary is giving a free pair of pajamas to a few of my friends whose order totals $50 or up (the free shipping limit!). I’ll pass along the gift to the first 10 people who send their email to emilymamccord at [geemail] dot com (and I’ll benefit too, so thanks in advance!). 

Violet: Dresses from Hannah Andersson, leggings from Primary, all of the cute Carter’s onesies. I realized that the unfair advantage that we give boys begins young, as I keep trying to put Violet in cute dresses that trip her up as she crawls instead of a simple leggings/onesie outfit. Fortunately, I have an opinionated 11.5 month old and she lets me know in no uncertain terms when she hates her dress/headband/stupid skirt.


Emily: Gilmore Girls. I’m binging every evening while I work out, work on scrapbooks, whatever. I miss sharing time and tea and our shows with Mark, but I’m making the most of my solo evenings!

Miles: Curious George, on repeat. There are two specific episodes that he prefers and we watch these over and over and over during his allotted 30 minutes of evening screen time. (Should he have any screen time? Probably not. Does this seem like a reasonable compromise? Yes.)

Violet: Mama’s karaoke skills and her brother’s tricks. (No screen time for babies around here until 2. Or 30. Or something.)

Simple play 5

Children playing piano.


Emily: That our pool would hurry up and open!

Violet: That she could run after Miles. Soon enough, girly!

Miles: That Mom wasn’t SO BORING and would let him eat ice cream for dinner every night. Sorry, kid. 


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  1. Loved the update! Glad to hear you’re all doing well and in a nice spring groove. Isn’t it wonderful when your children find an activity or toy that totally engrosses them?!

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