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This is a blog about simplifying. Living richly and joyfully, spending time on what truly matters – these things take intentionality. My mission is to encourage women and their families to have richer, more fulfilling homes and lives by choosing the good and tossing the negative, pursuing the worthwhile,  shedding the clutter, and taking responsibility for what is allowed to fill our lives, souls, bodies, homes, calendars, and hearts.

Hello! I’m Emily.

Mama to two sweet-tempered and adventurous little ones and wife to Mark – my sweet family inspires me daily to spend time on what really matters. I grew up in the woods of Northern Michigan and met Mark in Washington, D.C. We are currently raising our babies in the Dallas area. I work from home and am so grateful that I get to spend the majority of my day with my sweet babies and other hours of my day working on a career that I love.

I am passionate about encouraging other women to live intentionally, editing the clutter from their lives to create space for the rhythms, work, and relationships that matter most.



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