How long have you been blogging?

Since March 2010. I started blogging to maintain sanity and creativity during grad school.

Help! I’m brand new here. Where do I start?

Start at my About Page.

Do you blog full-time?

No. I do work from home, but I am neither a “full-time blogger” nor is my main income connected in any way to this blog. (However, I do benefit from affiliate links scattered throughout my posts. I try to be faithful about disclosing links that are affiliate.) Mainly, I write here to process and learn and (hopefully!) inspire others. Also? I am hopelessly addicted to social media. I love the way the Internet, social media, and blogging have changed the way we tell stories, connect, and build our art and our lives.

How did you come up with the title?

I am passionate about encouraging women to fill their lives intentionally. In so many wonderful ways, our lives are blank slates that God has just handed us to fill – we get to make so many choices with our time, our money, our spaces, our energies. The possibilities are really endless! Why orange? Orange is a color that is supposed to denote optimism and excitement. This blog encourages women to live with just that attitude and outlook.

What kind of camera do you you use?

I have a Canon Powershot SX510 HS (similar) and cannot say enough good things about it. I also use my iPhone frequently. Some of the very old pictures on this blog are from an old point-and-shoot that I used to own whose name has been lost to history.

Don’t people get annoyed at you for taking so many pictures?

Probably! But here’s why I think everyone should take lots of pictures.

How do you edit your pictures?

I don’t own any heavy editing software, but I use the editing tools in Photos and love experimenting with different free editing programs online. My favorite apps are VSCOcam and Afterlight. I use Over and A Beautiful Mess to add text to images. I love trying out new apps and am constantly experimenting with new ones so if you have any suggestions, send them my way!

Do you read blogs?

So many. I am working on a comprehensive list of my absolute faves. Know of one I may like? Send it to me!

How did you make your blog looks like that?

It’s self-hosted WordPress blog. One fall right after college when I was basically unemployed, I taught myself HTML. A lot of years of learning my way through Blogger, Typepad, WordPress.com helped me learn to clumsily navigate my way around words like “widget” and “pixels”.

I want to start a blog. Any suggestions? 

If you just want to write and upload pictures and don’t want to mess around with the behind-the-scenes stuff, head over to Typepad or Blogger. If you want to learn about some of the gidgets and gadgets that are involved, then get a self-hosted WordPress blog with your own domain name and spend the next 10 years a wee bit of time learning the ropes. I have always used BlueHost for my self-hosting and cannot say enough good things!

Do you make an income from your blog?

I make a small amount of money from my partnerships with affiliates and the generosity of my sponsors.

Will you sell my information or use it in some creepy, unethical way? 


I know this was just super overwhelmingly informative, but in the slim chance that you have another question that this page does not answer, feel free to email me (emily dot theorangeslate at gmail dot com) or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram. I would love to chat with you!