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Weekend Reading List // 12.

May 13, 2016


It’s the weekend! What are your plans?

I’m excited to wrap up my Week in the Life project this weekend (check out #emweekinthelife on Instagram for some sneak peeks!). Ali Edwards hosts this fun photo memory-keeping project every year. I’ve never participated before, but I wanted to capture this unique little sliver of time before we all go back to work and routines and Violet outgrows her sweet newborn days.

I’ve been working hard to organize and archive our photos and put a consistent long-term system in place and I came across this great list of tips on scanning old photos in a usable way. (via Pictures and Stories)

Just in time for glorious summer barbecues, these tips on building a layer cake. (via Food52)

Some fun facts about breastfeeding and women’s health. (via the Susan G. Komen Foundation)

Raising a creative child. (via NYT)

Motivate your morning routine for a month with this challenge. (via The Everygirl)

Make these fabulous ice cream flavors with your Kitchen Aid (no churning required!). (via Half Baked)

In love with this balloon arch. (via Petite & Sweet)

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Weekend Reading List // 11.

May 6, 2016

weekend links 11

Happy weekend! This feels in some ways like the first weekend of summer – our pool is opening and we have been pulling out our summer clothes and sunscreen.

It’s also Mother’s Day weekend! What do you have planned? I have several dear friends that are due almost anytime, so I’m excited to see if one of them has a Mother’s Day baby!

Sometimes I think we talk a lot about how hard it is to be a mom, but not as much about how much fun it is, so one of my plans for this weekend is to remind myself what a privilege it is to be a mom to my sweet bundles. I’ll be celebrating by grilling, cuddling my baby girl, and splashing with my little guy.

Some amazing iPhone photography and a few great photography tips. (via iPhone Photography School)

The effects of wine on mood and expressions, through a camera lens. (via Mental Floss)

If the full Project Life system overwhelms you, try starting out with this simple system. (Thanks, Rachel, for leading me to this!) (via Valerie Kiensley)

The New York Times as curriculum. (via NYT)

Such a sweet photo essay. (via Twenty Two Words)

Some dining etiquette tips. (via Classy Career Girl)

Patios to get you excited about summer. (via Pottery Barn)

One of my very favorite Instagram feeds. (via Modern Farmer)

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Weekend Links // 10.

April 29, 2016


Happy weekend! The last two weeks have been a blur in the best of ways. It’s so hard to believe that our little girl will be two weeks old tomorrow!

What are your weekend plans? My weekend will be pretty quiet – we are all still trying to stick pretty close to home until Violet is a little older, has a stronger immune system, and is on a more regular nursing routine. But I promise we’ll be enjoying this beautiful weather by taking lots of walks around our neighborhood!

Would you ever take a vacation to the home of Jackie O.? (via Conde Nast Traveler)

Have you tried this app? It seems like it would be great for generating ideas and capturing quick memories.

Why writer’s block is a myth – and how to overcome it. (via CoSchedule)

Some photography projects to help pull you out of a creative rut. (via Click it Up a Notch)

The top five life-changing books of 10 influential (female!) entrepreneurs (via

Walking has been shown to vastly improve creative brainstorming. (via

A fascinating profile of one largely unknown Silicon Valley pillar. (via The New Yorker)

Love this precious twist on a family photo shoot. And the idea of “should-less”! (via Coffee + Crumbs)

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Weekend Reading List // 9.

April 8, 2016


Criticism at work is a tough topic. Here are some tips for giving (and receiving) it. (via

How fantastic are these mugs??? (via Michael Hyatt)

Inspiring stories. (via National Review)

When I went browsing in the cosmetic aisle of Target for a good lip product for my hospital bag, I found this lip balm and was immediately hooked. It’s just the right amount of color to add a quick pop of refreshed color in the middle of the day. I swear my lips feel so much better and, BONUS, there’s sunscreen in it!

A cool free online design and editing program. (Remember Picnik??)

I love these tips for a low-stress evening of entertaining! (via Clementine Daily)

How beautiful is this kitchen? (via the Jungalow)

Some Pinterest inspiration for setting a gorgeous table. (via Heimatbaum)

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Weekend Reading List // 8.

April 1, 2016


Happy Friday!

The weekend forecast has all of us excited about some beautiful weather – can we all get excited about spring yet? What does your weekend hold? Here are some links to add to your Saturday morning reading.

Want to be a great leader? Develop these habits. (via

Love this quadrant-style scheduling method. Have you ever tried this? (via Fast Company)

It’s almost wedding season! Would you ever seat your guests on pillows? (via OffBeatBride)

Finding all sorts of new inspiration for this Pinterest board while my imprisonment bedrest is helping me catch up on our family albums.

Since discovering this all-in-one recipe, I cook it about once a week. It takes 20 minutes, is delicious, can be used for lunch, dinner, tacos, whatever, and is packed full of nutrients. What more could I ask? (via Damn Delicious)

An Instagram hashtag you should be following (are we friends on Instagram? Find me – @emilyamccord).

ICYMI: 60 tips to dazzle your blog readers.


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Weekend Reading List // 7.

March 25, 2016


The past week has somehow managed to hold all of the good and a nice chunk of bad all at once.

The good? My family flew in and got to spend time with us in our new house and then we all headed to Midland for a fabulous wedding weekend with tons of extended family.

The bad? I was put on  (a hopefully temporary?) bedrest. This has thrown all sorts of interesting tangles into our routine. I’m grateful for so many things right now, such as the ability to go on maternity leave early, a husband who can flex his schedule enough to accommodate our needs, family who are generous with their time and schedules and availability, and a baby and pregnancy that have been healthy overall. BUT??? Craziness. Especially with a very busy 21-month-old. If you have ideas for entertaining toddlers from bed, SEND THEM MY WAY.

Meanwhile, I’m getting all caught up on email and making mad progress on the #preserveproject and reading all sorts of fun pieces, all from the prison of my room. Here’s some pieces that you should add to your weekend reading list!

The sweetest lullaby story. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

A fun simple activity for toddlers and littles. All you need is tape! (via Hands on As We Grow)

I LOVE this list of good habits that need to make a comeback. What habits do you want to work on? My mother was a thank-you note dictator when we were little and I’m so grateful for the habit now (though mine are perpetually late!). Mark and I are reading out loud through this book together and although I love our movie time, reading together feels like richer time somehow. (via Real Simple)

I am dying to color eggs with Miles this weekend. I love these creative twists on the traditional project. (via Real Simple)

My sister sent me this thoughtful piece on the village (that we’ve lost?) and I’m still thinking about it. (via Huff Post)

This Pinterest board has links to some fabulous pieces. (via Refinery 29)

This Instagram hashtag makes my heart flutter.

Have a blessed Easter weekend!

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Weekend Reading List // 6.

March 18, 2016


What does your weekend hold? We have family in town for a wedding – lots of pour-over coffee and eating and talking happening over here! When my sisters come to town, Miles is in Heaven, acts like I don’t exist (“Oh hey, Mom. Too cool for you now.”) and conveniently forgets everything he knows (“Naptime? What’s that?”).

My grand photo backup plan is slowly happening. Every time one set is backed up, I feel such major relief. Why did I wait so long to do this? Have a massive photo catch-up project? Ronnie has some good tips. (via Life Captured)

My goodness, I love her style. (via Azzari Jarrett)

I used to work in a heavily male-dominated work environment. I never cried at work, at least not in the office. But here’s why one writers thinks more tears should happen at the office (via The Atlantic)

Reading this and gleaning so much.

Do you have work/life balance guilt? Read this breath of fresh air. (via Clementine Daily)

These makeup tips have changed my daily game. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

We are deep in the throes of picky eating. I think Miles will love these though! (via Smitten Kitchen)

Have you ever made your own yogurt?? (via Food52)

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Weekend Reading List // 5.

March 11, 2016


What does your weekend hold? I think it’s so fascinating how our weekends change to reflect different seasons, don’t you? Before kids and crazy work schedules, weekends were for sleeping in and spending time with friends AND SLEEPING IN.

Now, weekends are for snuggling a toddler (in the hopes of convincing him to sleep for just 30 more glorious minutes) and squeezing in every single item on our list while trying to convince Miles to play contentedly with his toys for just 7 straight minutes.

So before your toddlers wake up or before your friends call to convince you to meet them for brunch, pour yourself a cup of coffee (hopefully from your Chemex! I’m obsessed!) and check out some of these links.

Happy weekend!

This is so sweet, mamas. (via Under the Sycamore)

Hope for disappointing photos. (via Life Captured, Inc.)

I made these carrots this week and Miles ate them. Toddler veggies (and delicious adult dinners!) for the win. (via Let’s Dish).

I love this idea for birthdays. (via enJOY it)

I want this vanilla cake for breakfast! (via Cup of Jo)

A fantastic documentary series. (via Netflix)

A photo app tutorial from the archives for you to play with this weekend.

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Friday Links

Weekend Reading List // 4.

March 4, 2016


Hello, lovelies! How was your week? Ours has been good and hard and long and full – that’s how every week should be though, right? Inspire your weekend with this reading list – and then tell me what else I should be reading!

How to create an amazing social media presence. (via

Want to lead? Cultivate these 5 habits. (via Inc)

How do you turn online friends into real friends? (via The Tiny Twig)

While shopping around for a new car seat cover, I found out some horrifying information with which every parent should probably arm themselves. The key? Safety over cutesy. Don’t try to Etsy-up your child’s life-saving devices. (via Car Seats for the Littles)

For all of the work-at-home-mamas (and dads!), this. (via Fast Company)

And this, especially if you have a toddler. So many good tips. I am in hard-core “How do we make this all happen” mode right now. (via Apartment Therapy)

While I”m trying to catch up in all areas (before Baby Girl gets here!), this essay was such a good reminder. (via Cathy Zielske)

I’m excited to start this book!

Happy weekend!

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Weekend Reading List // 3.

February 26, 2016


Are you a creator or consumer? (via Storyline Blog)

Great advice – don’t organize more. (via Psychology Today)

Do you use any of these blogging tools? (via Rising Tide Society)

Oh my goodness, I love reading about this challenge. Could you could every single meal from scratch for a month? (Confession: At this particular juncture in life…I’m not sure I could – unless the rotisserie from the deli country counts??) (via Epicurious)

I am working to organize our massive photo collection (s?). Tips, anyone? Eventually, I’ll try to write up a post detailing this torturous process, but until then, check this great list of tips out. (via

I am collecting gorgeous, whimsical wrapping paper so that I can do this to all of our drawers and shelves. Nesting overkill? Probably. (via In My Own Style)

Happy weekending!

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