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Weekend Reading List // 9.

April 8, 2016


Criticism at work is a tough topic. Here are some tips for giving (and receiving) it. (via

How fantastic are these mugs??? (via Michael Hyatt)

Inspiring stories. (via National Review)

When I went browsing in the cosmetic aisle of Target for a good lip product for my hospital bag, I found this lip balm and was immediately hooked. It’s just the right amount of color to add a quick pop of refreshed color in the middle of the day. I swear my lips feel so much better and, BONUS, there’s sunscreen in it!

A cool free online design and editing program. (Remember Picnik??)

I love these tips for a low-stress evening of entertaining! (via Clementine Daily)

How beautiful is this kitchen? (via the Jungalow)

Some Pinterest inspiration for setting a gorgeous table. (via Heimatbaum)

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Weekend Reading List // 6.

March 18, 2016


What does your weekend hold? We have family in town for a wedding – lots of pour-over coffee and eating and talking happening over here! When my sisters come to town, Miles is in Heaven, acts like I don’t exist (“Oh hey, Mom. Too cool for you now.”) and conveniently forgets everything he knows (“Naptime? What’s that?”).

My grand photo backup plan is slowly happening. Every time one set is backed up, I feel such major relief. Why did I wait so long to do this? Have a massive photo catch-up project? Ronnie has some good tips. (via Life Captured)

My goodness, I love her style. (via Azzari Jarrett)

I used to work in a heavily male-dominated work environment. I never cried at work, at least not in the office. But here’s why one writers thinks more tears should happen at the office (via The Atlantic)

Reading this and gleaning so much.

Do you have work/life balance guilt? Read this breath of fresh air. (via Clementine Daily)

These makeup tips have changed my daily game. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

We are deep in the throes of picky eating. I think Miles will love these though! (via Smitten Kitchen)

Have you ever made your own yogurt?? (via Food52)

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Friday Links

Friday Links.

July 17, 2015

German Mint Lemonade | The Orange Slate

Germany Outdoor Cafe | The Orange Slate

Make Someone Happy | The Orange Slate

Happy Friday! What does your weekend hold? Miles and I are enjoying a little vacation with my side of the family on the West coast. GOSH, I’m loving that I open the door in the morning to a cool coastal breeze instead of the 90+ degree-days of Texas in July.

I hit “send” on this blog’s very first baby newsletter this morning, “Over My French Press.” For those of you who have already signed up – thank you! I hope you love every bit of it.

For those of you suffering from newsletter FOMO this second, are you interested in working from home, building your freelance portfolio, or taking steps to continue your career while feeding Cheerios to your bebe? You just might love it. Subscribe here if you’d like next week’s edition.

Because the beach is on my mind, 8 Instagram accounts by female surfers that you should be following. (via The Chalkboard)

It annoys me that lip gloss with SPF is so difficult to find. What are your favorites? This is my go-to this summer, but I’d like one that lasts a little longer.

Have you seen the #decor8monday project? I love it.

Van Gogh’s favorite French village. (via WSJ)

How the light-up bracelets used by Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour actually work. (via Slate)

Hosting when you’re away from home. (via Food52)

The final word on keeping your fruit and vegetables fresh after slicing. (via LifeHacker)

A precious photo project. (via The Handcrafted Story)

Loved the comments on Facebook, Instagram, and the post about my best packing tip. The most helpful I’ve seen yet? Katy said:

“My tip — pack just 2-3 pairs of shoes. I usually pack tennis shoes and flats/sandals/boots depending on the weather . . . pack a pair of underwear and clean shirt in your carry on in case you get stuck in the airport overnight. Sometimes it might be worth packing an additional pair of shorts/pants (longer trips) This way, you have something fresh to change into if you feel nasty after being stuck.”

always bring too many shoes. Thanks, Katy! (And thanks, everyone who participated!)


*Some links are affiliate. Thanks for supporting The Orange Slate!

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Friday Links

Friday Links.

July 3, 2015

Beauty quote | The Orange Slate

Trees & Sky | The Orange Slate

Happy 4th of July weekend! The 4th has always been one of my favorite holidays, but now it doubles as Miles’ birthday, which makes it twice as special.

Last year at this time, I was heading in for my 39-week pregnancy appointment and there were no hopeful signs that Baby McCord would arrive anytime before his due date. You really can’t ever tell with babies.;-) (Needless to say, I was THRILLED to meet him a week early.)

I am SO EXCITED about Miles’ birthday celebration tomorrow. We have some fireworks shows and a parade penciled in over the weekend as well. What are your 4th of July traditions? Whatever you have planned, have a fun, safe 4th!

While you’re resting before the fireworks shows this weekend:

Maternity rest can be an elusive fantasy moms working in small companies or in creative industries. Don’t worry – Donna Karan is in the same boat.  (via Interview Magazine)

Did you follow the crazy Reddit button story? Here’s the conclusion. (via NBC)

Are you helping to build your workplace culture?  (via Relevant)

What happens when real women tried on Victoria’s Secret bathing suits. (via BuzzFeed)

Need to write? (Your book, ebook, blog, dissertation?)  Check out these tips to help you be more disciplined. (via Write to Done)

Inspiring advice on life and career from a successful businesswoman. (via Design*Sponge)

The joy of re-reading. (via WSJ)

Can’t wait to try this yummy recipe. (via Balance and Blueberries)

Loving hats! (via CapHillStyle)

Trying to eliminate this word from my vocabulary. (via Business Insider)



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Friday Links

Friday Links

April 10, 2015


Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

It’s early Friday morning and I’m waiting on my French press. The weekend schedule is a little busy around here, but I’m looking forward to some down time. I have some of little project to-dos, like organizing and backing up our pictures, ahead of me and I’d like to check out our local farmer’s market tomorrow.

I also have an announcement regarding this blog’s email list coming next week. Make sure that you sign up (in that box in the right-hand corner) to receive updates so that you don’t miss it!

What are you up to this weekend?

There were so many fun pieces floating around this week!

This is a darling idea. (via Rue Mag)

5 basic cocktail recipes that everyone should master. (via Real Simple)

Post-baby beauty  tricks for a new mom. (via Mother Mag)

On the importance of being boring. (via Peggy Noonan)

A wake-up routine from a professional wake-up consultant.  (via The Chalkboard)

Become more creative with these steps. (via Fast Company)

This breakfast looks so yummy. (via Julia’s Album)

Some fun prompts (and a free printable) for memory-keeping for your children. (via Jenny Collier)

This. (via The EveryGirl)

How are your surroundings affecting you? (via Gretchen Rubin)

What are you reading this weekend?

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For Your Tuesday Morning . . .

August 6, 2013

Today, when the clouds and drizzle keep the world sleepy and gray, when the beginning of the week is over but the middle of the week has yet to come, when breaks are far and few between, when the pile of to-do is larger than the pile of I-did, when the laundry and the dust and the dishes and the piles of paper start to pile up, and you are frustrated and irritable and weary, remember this.

You are creating. And your work matters. Your Tuesday is not in vain.


8-5-13 quote

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