Bon Appetit’s Dream Grain Bowl: My Take


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As part of my word of the year, CREATE, I am intentionally working to create memories with my family this year. I have so many memories of wonderful food from my childhood and I want to make sure and give that same gift to Miles. This winter, I am making a concerted effort to try new recipes and to expand our table and tastes a bit.

My mom gave me a subscription to Bon Appetit and the afternoon when I check the mailbox and see the magazine peeking out of our mailbox at me is one of the most exciting of each month.

When I saw this recipe, I immediately knew I had to try it. It was the perfect combination of open-ended options (pick a grain! pick a green!) and precise directions (“do not toss”) on which I thrive. Also, it didn’t hurt that it was both incredibly delicious and satisfying and the most healthful meal we’d eaten that week. I have no idea if it’s Whole30 or pale or whatever, but it seems like quinoa + sweet potatoes + kale can’t help but be pretty good for you, right?

Here’s how I modified the recipe:

The recipe walked me through picking a base, greens, “crunch”, “upgrades”, a roast, and the dressing. I used my mixed quinoa (from Sam’s! Don’t judge!) for the base and kale for the greens. I sautéed almonds in some butter until they just barely started to turn a toasty brown – the crunch. I tossed sweet potatoes in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, pepper, and hefty sea salt and then roasted them at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes (until they were well-done).

I just tossed some parmesan on the salad in place of the Halloumi cheese.

The recipe called for this dressing, but I didn’t have either turmeric or tahini on hand. (What is turmeric??) No worries. This is why Google was invented. I used peanut butter instead of tahini and just skipped the turmeric (lame, I know – patient precision is not my strongest virtue).

Folks, it took a few minutes more in terms of hands-on time than our average weeknight dinner. But it was so worth it. This grain bowl permanently changed my salad game.

Try it! And let me know what you modify (or maybe you actually follow directions?).

Conversations about Hospitality – with Jess


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On Monday mornings around here, we talk about issues near and dear to our hearts. In January and February, we are chatting about hospitality. Grab a cup of coffee and join in the conversation!

Although Jess and I have never met in person, she feels like an old friend. (Isn’t that a funny thing about the internet?) A mutual D.C. blogger friend connected us through social media and we immediately hit it off. Jess is a blogger and even has a little one about the same age as Miles. Jess also loves to host. In fact, her blog is called The Perpetual Hostess. So naturally I was thrilled when she proved willing to offer her experienced advice!

1. What is your favorite kind of event to host?

I’m most comfortable when I’m hosting a big dinner (or brunch!) party.  Event design is not one of my biggest strengths so though hosting baby/bridal showers and birthday parties is fun, I’m at my best when my my main objective is to feed people and spur on good conversation.  There’s something about a sit-down meal with lots of people around the table that gets me very excited.  I also love hosting dinner parties because I don’t think many people my age host them anymore, so I have found people really enjoy being invited.

2. What is the most ambitious event you’ve ever hosted?  

Our annual Friendsgiving dinner requires weeks of planning and minute by minute execution the day of the event.  Outside the realm of dinner parties, the most ambitious event I ever hosted was my sister-in-law’s ‘sip and see’.  I was SO glad to have a co-host because when you add favors, flowers, and a theme to my normal approach of ‘make enough food so everyone is full when it’s over’, I get stressed!

 3. What was your favorite thing that you’ve ever hosted?

My favorite is my annual Friendsgiving dinner.  Andy and I have friends from our Bible study over for appetizers, a formal four-course meal, and dessert as a fun and slightly alternative Thanksgiving meal.  The menu each year is different and I try to incorporate less traditional side dishes that won’t be served the following week around each person’s family table.  No matter what is on the menu, I just love having our friends around the table and this past year, everyone stayed well past dessert to hang out and talk some more!

A close second was a ‘Pizza and Bourbon’ night I hosted for a friend’s going-away party.  Thank goodness for Kraft paper and a sharpie, take-out pizza and my husband’s bourbon collection for making that a perfect party for a guy friend.

4. What is your go-to dish for a crowd?

Lasagna.  Seriously, who doesn’t love a good, warm, inviting lasagna?  Pair it with a simple salad and garlic bread and you have the perfect meal.  It is by far my most frequently used ‘go to’ meal!  I recently learned that some of my family and friends have never made a lasagna, so if that’s you as well, I’d love to share my Mom’s awesome recipe with you!

5. What was your biggest hosting mistake?

Sometimes I get ideas in my head and even when the logistics of pulling them off are insane, I try anyway.  For example, I once drove 45 minutes away to pick up fresh peonies on the morning of the birthday party I was throwing myself.  Not smart.  Do yourself a favor and let it go!

6. What is your hosting “signature”?

My tabletop.  Like I said above, I’m not an event designer, but I do love to put together a coordinated tablecloth, place settings, candles, and sometimes confetti to make a table look special.  I start putting it together days ahead of a dinner party and usually enlist my husband to help.

7.Why are you motivated to host?

I love creating an experience for my family and friends and bringing them together in large groups.  To me, sitting around a table is the most intimate version of throwing a party and I’ve found it is a space where community and friendship is truly built.

8. Any fun hosting plans for 2015?

We are currently house-hunting and so I’m REALLY looking forward to throwing a house-warming party and entertaining in our new home, wherever that might be.

9. Any tips for those who would like to host more in 2015?

Just do it.  You don’t have to have a fancy table, multiple courses, or decorations to host your friends and family.  Start with having a group of friends over on a Friday night for take out pizza and games and then try making French toast for brunch on another weekend.  People will love to be invited no matter what!

Thanks, Jess!

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Friday Linkage


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It’s Friday! What are your plans? Mark has to work the weekend, so it won’t feel quite as cozy and restful as our weekend often are, but I’m still looking forward to some down time. Miles and I are attending a friend’s baby shower. (Aside: Aren’t baby showers just the best?? I think nothing is quite as exciting as celebrating new babies.)

On friendship and being authentic in a world that is not always. (via Chalkboard)

Small talk – or the absence of it – makes me nervous! Anyone else? Here are six conversation-starters for any situation. (via Rue Magazine)

Some gorgeous images of Italy’s warm coast to carry you through this cold weekend. (via Cereal Magazine)

Taking a walk. (via Espanolita)

Packing like a fashion editor. (via Cup of Jo)

Finance lessons from Benjamin Franklin. (via The Art of Manliness)

Efficiently using the space at the foot of your bed. (via Apartment Therapy)

Bedtime routines of successful people. (via Forbes)

A gorgeous poppy-red color palette. (via Postcards and Pretties)

A chic fun baby shower. (via Polished Event Design)

Not ready to stop reading? Check out my Pinterest page for more links! What are you doing this weekend?


10 Favorite Baby Registry Items: The Infant Edition


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Registering for a new baby is such an exciting process, but at the same time, it can be so overwhelming. The options, reviews, blog posts, and even the advice just flood in. Especially as a first-time mom, it’s impossible to know what to expect and it’s hard to gauge exactly what your baby, your lifestyle, and your new family are going to need.

I remember feeling so blessed and loved through the showers, gifts, and advice of our friends and family during my pregnancy, but my eyes glazed over during the registering process. It was exhausting. Now I’m so excited to be on the other side of the equation as some of my dear friends are preparing for their additions.

Disclaimer: we live in a tiny apartment and I knew that space was gong to be at a minimum when I was registering. This list reflects a need to maximize space and function.

1. Fisher-Price Rock n’ Play Sleeper.

This item literally saved our lives and our sanity. When Miles was three weeks old and we had just moved into our new apartment, he refused to sleep on a flat surface. We took turns holding him every hour of the night for two nights in a row. I almost had a nervous breakdown. How was it possible that our baby literally wouldn’t go to sleep?? The next day, we marched over to Target ready to pay any amount of money for products that would promise to put our little alert baby to sleep. But the Rock-and-Play saved the day without a huge investment*. Bonus, it’s also tiny and easily portable. It fit nicely next to our bed and we started carrying it with us on overnight car trips.

Note: I called our pediatrician to make sure that it was ok for Miles to sleep all night in the Rock-and-Play. Because it keeps the baby’s head at an angle, it could potentially be a poor sleeping choice for a brand new infant that can’t lift his or her own head. Always check with your pediatrician about your baby’s sleeping arrangements.

2. Graco Snug-Ride Click-Connect 35 strollercar-seat and base.

This was not the most expensive choice, nor the most beautiful, nor the longest-lasting on the market, I’m sure. But we absolutely love our Click-Connect set. We used it countless times and still use it on a daily basis. The stroller is light enough for me to easily lift in and out of the car and over steps. The snap-system means that I don’t have to wake Miles up to move him from his carseat when he’s sleeping. (With a demanding sleeper who would consistently sleep in the car if nowhere else, this was a life-saver.) The car-seat base is a lifesaver during the week. If I had to pick another infant stroller, I’d choose this one again.

3.The First Years Bathtub.

I tried to get around this one, ended up buying it, and wish I’d bought it right at the beginning. Bathing an infant can be sort of scary, but this tub has a nice net nest for an infant. It’s not the most space-efficient piece out there (which is why I avoided it in the first place), but it slides easily under a bed.

4.Carter’s swaddle blankets.

Buy all of these. I can’t get enough of Carter’s wonderful blankets. They come in 2-packs; they are soft and big enough to cozily swaddle an infant. They mix and match nicely with the Carter’s clothing so that Baby looks snazzy. They are inexpensive and wash wonderfully.

5.Dream on Me 2-in-1 crib.

This crib is the perfect scale for our tiny bedrooms. It also is narrow enough to slide through our doorways, so when we moved Miles into the other bedroom recently, I (i.e., Mark) didn’t have to reassemble the entire thing. Mark built it in about an hour. The quality of the wood is meh – I don’t think it’s going to last 100 years. I think Miles may outgrow it a little faster than he would have outgrown a bigger crib. But if you’re looking for something that is not enormous or a huge investment and that doesn’t require it’s own zip code, I highly recommend this one.

6.Graco bouncer.

Again, there are bigger, better, flashier versions of this on the market. I wanted something simple and small. This was where we put Miles when we came home from the hospital. He still (at 7 months) likes to sit in it for his meals or while he hangs out and watches me cook or work. The cover is easily removable and washable. We never really used the white-noise function, but the vibrating feature has come in handy.

7.Medela manual pump.

The whole nursing/bottle issue is so personal, but I would never have imagined the use I’ve gotten out of this simple, inexpensive piece of equipment. Miles is entirely breast-fed with the occasional pumped bottle. I was nervous about pumping early on when Miles and I were getting used to the process. But if I had to do it all over again, I would have started pumping earlier. Regardless, this manual pump was a lifesaver on several occasions and allowed me to get some sleep while someone else fed Miles and stockpile a supply of bottles for babysitting or emergencies.

8.Evenflo 4 oz bottles.

This is sort of a given from #7. Miles definitely prefers the tiny Evenflo bottles. I liked the glass, both for cleaning and aesthetic reasons. (They’re so cute and classy!)

9.Infantino gym.

This was one of those “why didn’t we know you need this?” purchases. I wish I had registered for one of these – Miles loved it and has spent so much time on both his tummy and his back on this colorful mat. You can buy gyms that are more chic and sleek, but he loved the colors and his animal “friends”. Also, I loved that you can buy other animals or attachments for it or un-clip the animals and attach them to the stroller.

10.Ergo Carrier.

If I listed one thing on a baby registry, this would be it. We have used our Ergo on so many occasions. It was a little big for Miles at the beginning (but he was a small baby), so the infant insert may have been a good idea. When he was having trouble napping and sleeping, the Ergo came to our rescue many times. I often find myself choosing to take the Ergo places instead of the stroller because it’s so comfortable and convenient for both of us. I wondered if Miles would outgrow it too quickly, but at 7 months (and about 20 pounds), it is still going strong. I’ve also been able to wash it (albeit selectively), which is nice.

Your turn! What are your infant registry must-haves? What did I miss?

*Disclaimer: There are sponsored links in this post, but I only promote books or products that I actually use, love, or recommend.

Conversations about Hospitality – with Emily



On Monday mornings around here, we talk about issues near and dear to our hearts. In January and February, we are chatting about hospitality. Grab a cup of coffee and join in the conversation!

I normally like to jump into the conversation towards the end. So today, here are my own answers to the questions I’ve been asking others about hospitality.

I feel sort of convicted by this interview, because since we had a baby and moved into a much smaller place, Mark and I have hosted much less consistently. Part of it is simple strategics (Our kitchen + living room + dining room = < 400 square feet). Part of it involves the scheduling demands of our current life – my work + Mark’s school + reserve duty weekends keep us scrambling calendars constantly. Part of it is that entertaining and planning with a little one is just harder and less predictable. But Miles is a little bigger (read: more predictable) now and I’m just sort of out of excuses that are not ridiculous. So. More hosting for the McCords on the horizon!

What is your favorite kind of event to host?

Brunch or lunch after church. There is no more low-key event to host (who is stressed out on a weekend morning?), expectations are reasonable, and I just love the idea of hanging out and enjoying company in the middle of a sunny day, when everyone is fresh and relaxed. I also hosted a baking party one time that was so absolutely fun and unique – I definitely would love to do something similar again.

What is the most ambitious event you’ve ever hosted?

Last New Year’s Day, right at the end of my first trimester, I somehow decided it was a great idea to throw a huge New Year’s Day afternoon buffet. I planned the whole thing meticulously, knowing we would be out late the night before, so I did a lot of the cooking in advance. Looking back at the pictures, I’m still not sure when or how I made so much food, but a lot of very dear friend showed up and it was such a fun day (and I remember being really excited by some of my dishes).

What was your favorite hosting experience?

Easter dinner a few years ago. Mark and I were dating and both away from home for the holiday, but various extended family and old family friends were nearby and so Mark and I hosted Eastern dinner at my house, a huge dilapidated old mansion on Capitol Hill. It was such a completely random collection of people and conversation, but it felt so cozy to feel like we all had somewhere to belong that Sunday afternoon and now I have one holiday gathering under my belt.

What is your go-to dish for a crowd?

This is so lazy, but if I am worried about food quantity or the size of the crowd, I make a bowl of pasta salad with tons of fresh colorful tasty additions. It’s easy, it’s healthful, it looks attractive in pretty tableware and it always gets eaten. For dessert, bundt cakes are simple and can feed a big group.

What was your biggest hosting mistake?

Stressing too much ahead of time. It never fails – I spazz while I’m cooking or planning, often venting my emotions in the general direction of Mark who is unfailingly such a good sport; the guests show up and we all have a great time; then when they leave, I wonder why I stressed in the first place. Here’s unsolicited advice that I have to continue reminding myself: no one else notices the things that you as the planner, host(ess), and cook do. If that pre-event stress is preventing you from hosting (and it does hold me back, often!), remind yourself that your hospitality is a gift to others . Your reticence is only preventing others from enjoying the fruits of that gift, not increasing their enjoyment (or yours!).

What is your hosting “signature”?

Taking annoying pictures while everyone is trying to eat, perhaps? I always try to make a meal with others feel special and pretty. Whether the extra touch is fresh flowers, floating candles, cloth napkins, or a pretty dessert, I like the time to feel festive and just a little overdone.

Why are you motivated to host?

In today’s helter-skelter world, community and conversation are such gifts. I want to foster an environment in my home where people feel welcome and where life, learning, and connections happen around the table. Consistent attempts at hospitality are a step in this direction.

Any fun hosting plans for 2015?

Just – more. We’re in a new place this year and I’d love to begin to build new friendships around our table.

Any tips for those who would like to host more in 2015?

Start. Just pick up the phone and invite a couple of friends over for a meal which you can comfortably and confidently pull together. Incorporate hosting into your routine (one dinner a month, perhaps) and stick to it, even when life gets messy as it always does. Don’t stress about the details or about your space or about your decorating – hostesses stress about entertaining for more frequently than guests leav .

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Happy Valentine’s Day! (And Some Relationship Advice)


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Happy Valentine’s Day! This is seriously one of my favorite holidays. I love the pink, the candy, the excuse to dote on those we love, the combinations of fancy and flirty and fun.

What are you doing today? We have never gone out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. It’s just not our thing. In fact, it’s our thing to NOT, if that makes sense. One year we did lunch. Then one year when we were dating, I was horribly sick on Valentine’s Day and so we made dinner at home and ever since, we cook dinner at home.

Tonight, for the very first time, I am making steaks on the stove using our cast-iron pan. I’ve been frantically reading advice from steakmasters, so I’m hopeful. Any advice for me?

I hope your day and weekend are full of love and fun and rest. And if you still need something to do tonight, here are some tips on love, marriage, and relationships that I gathered from married couples a few years ago. It’s still one of my favorite blog posts. Consider it my (re)gift to you.

Love you all!

Friday Linkage


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Happy Friday to you! Any fun plans this weekend?

We’re going to make a fun dinner together at home (an idea which was inspired by the smart and savvy editors over at Bon Appetit) for Valentine’s Day and try to make a basketball game with our sweet baby in tow.

Miles and I have both been under the weather this week, so hopefully this weekend will give us a chance to finish recovering!

Here are some fun articles from around the web:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a real-life story about true love. (via Sarah Bessey)

Have you seen this sweet story about one secret millionaire’s gift to his community? (via

Advice from one young Congresswoman to another. (via Politico)

Loved seeing this hilarious clip on napping in the workplace again. (via Cup of Jo)

I love this article about soulmates and the concept of celebrating at Valentine’s Day – not just romantic love – but friendship love too. (via Chalkboard Magazine)

Are you persuasive? I’m not particularly, but it’s a skill I’m working to cultivate. (via Forbes)

One woman’s humorous tale of her attempt to go on a retreat (via Image Journal).

Check out these lovely downloadable botanical prints (a Valentine’s Day gift, anyone?). (via Poppytalk)

I adore these sweet embroidery projects from my lovely friend. (via The Bloom-Print Project)

Side-note: I’ve been scouring my past Friday Linkage posts and have been adding many of the links to my Pinterest boards, so if you want some extra reading and are new here, head over there! And if you enjoy these posts, enter your email into that box in the upper-right corner so that you receive them via email each weekend.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends!

CREATE2015: The February Edition (A Sensory Activity Board)


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For 2015, my word of the year is CREATE. As part of this, I’m challenging myself to create or complete a project each month.

February’s project was born one morning as I was searching around for creative ways to engage Miles. I stumbled upon this homemade sensory activity board and was instantly captivated.

A sensory board is a great idea from about 6 months (whenever a baby can sit) up through the pre-school years. The toys, textures, and objects can be selected and replaced to suit a baby’s individual needs as he or she grows and learns and a big board can keep a baby captivated for hours.

I knew that I wanted to make the sensory board for my February project. I modified the basic design, grabbed some cork board tiles that I had on hand, wandered around in Hobby Lobby collecting fun items, and completed the project in just a couple of hours.

This project was definitely a success. It was easy and inexpensive to complete and Miles loved it. Also, since we are in a tiny apartment, it’s wonderful to have an activity center for Miles that doesn’t take up more floor space.


  • 4 cork tiles
  • Nails
  • Felt letters and numbers
  • Embroidery hoops and various felt pieces
  • A mirror
  • Metal teaspoons
  • A bell
  • A mini straw hat
  • A large wooden “M”
  • A rubber heat-proof kitchen mat

I nailed the four cork tiles to a convenient spot (the short wall below our kitchen bar-top). I secured the materials and objects, some with nails (like the embroidery hoops of fabric), some with command-strip tape (like the wooden letter and the mirror).

The felt letters and numbers are sticky, so I simply stuck them on.

What did I learn? I secured some of the items (like the bell) with ribbon, but the ribbon didn’t hold after a little bit of pulling by Miles. I need to re-secure movable objects like the bell with something stronger like yarn. The felt letters don’t stick to the cork-board as well as I would like, so some of them are going to need to be replaced.

When we are somewhere more permanent, I’d like to make another version of this with a wooden backdrop, which I think would work a little more effectively. But for now, I love the cork-board (bonus: the cork gives Miles an extra layer of texture to touch and explore).

I plan to extend the board with two more cork-tiles and will replace some of the objects as he gets older.

Have you ever made a sensory board for your baby or toddler? I would love to hear more ideas for fun objects to attach!

Read about my January CREATE2015 project here.

Conversations About Hospitality – with Abbie



On Monday mornings around here, we talk about issues near and dear to our hearts. In January and February, we are talking about hospitality. Grab a cup of coffee and join in the conversation!

Abby was one of the first people I met in College Station. Before we knew almost anyone, or were completely unpacked, she and her husband and two adorable little girls, who happen to live right down the street, had our family over for dinner. I was so touched by their hospitality, but soon, I realized that this wasn’t an anomaly. Abby and her family regularly (and by regularly, I mean, weekly) have other families or individuals over for a meal. I am continually so inspired by their consistency, their generosity with space that is barely bigger than our own tiny apartment, and the totally unflustered way in which Abby hosts amidst their own busy schedule. I was so excited when Abby agreed to chat on the blog!

What is your favorite kind of event to host?

 I’m very much an extrovert and am fueled when I am surrounded by people and can truly engage in their lives. That being said, I love hosting events that are more casual, like a birthday party or open house of some sort, where I also get to enjoy being part of the crowd and mingling with friends. If I have to spend too much time facilitating food, I don’t get nearly as much satisfaction.

What is the most ambitious event you’ve ever hosted?

My family has a yearly New Year’s Eve tradition of doing a “Good-Sport Breakfast”. A coded food menu is created, with items on the code menu corresponding to a secret real menu. For instance, all of the drinks on our menu were represented by various Christmas carol titles. The menu is complete with drinks, desserts, and utensils.

The guests order blindly from the code menu, not knowing what they’re actually ordering. Then each guest has to be a “Good Sport” and eat whatever shows up, with whatever utensils they blindly ordered. So a person could get cold cereal with no milk, and then have to eat it with a whisk or a potato masher. It provides a lot of fun and really good laughs.

Every year, my mom does this breakfast for hoards of kids, teenagers and family, and I have participated for as many years as I can remember. But this year we were not going to be at my parent’s house. Not wanting to lose the tradition, I decided to host my own. My husband and I invited friends, put together our own menu, introduced the concept to our friends, and served them all. 
It ended up being a much bigger project than I ever imagined, and I spent a good part of the dinner preparing and serving food to our friends, but it was fun sharing a beloved tradition with a new crowd.

What was your favorite hosting experience?

 A couple years ago, I hosted a Christmas party for my husband’s team at work. We had such a fun group of people show up. We did a gift exchange, played “iPod Idol” and enjoyed a great variety of wings and salads. I probably loved hosting that event so much because I didn’t have to worry about the food or budget for the party, I just got to decorate and organize beforehand, then enjoy the fun when it all started.

What is your go-to dish for a crowd?

For an appetizer, I usually default to a cream cheese and chutney cracker dip and for a salad, I love making my 7 Layer Chef Salad. Other than that, I really try to mix things up.


What was your biggest hosting mistake?

My biggest mistake was probably trying to do too much for the Good Sport Breakfast. We really didn’t have a chance to sit down and talk much with our friends, and it got pretty overwhelming trying to get all the different dishes out to people in a timely manner. I took for granted all the help my mom has enlisted over the years to make the Good Sport Breakfast happen and thought I could do it all on my own.

What is your hosting “signature”?

I’m not sure I actually have a “signature”, but most often, we host small groups of people, like maybe another couple or two, have snacks or a simple dinner, and play games. With our small apartment, this offers the greatest amount of comfort, while also supplying my extroverted self a chance to enjoy some time with friends.

Why are you motivated to host?

Like I said before, I am fueled when I am surrounded by other people. Hosting gives me the opportunity to reach out to others and plan something fun on my own calendar. With young kids at home, we have a lot going on, but when I am the host or party planner, the events always fit into my schedule.

Any fun hosting plans for 2015?

I’m sure there will be . . . . Nothing big planned yet, but my husband will finish his MBA this year, so there will no doubt be something fun there.

Any tips for those who would like to host more in 2015?

If you haven’t already caught on, I am a no-stress party planner. Events, for the most part, should be fun and enjoyable for ALL parties involved. If you keep it simple and have fun, anyone can host!

Thanks, Abby!

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Friday Links


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It’s Friday. Today you can start to breathe.

I hope your weekend holds lots of quiet and few commitments, real books and snuggles with your little ones, sleeping in and time outside.

Here’s a roundup of the most interesting articles I came across this week.

Miles is the best-humored baby around, but our nightly battles with sleep went on forever. I always appreciated other parents sharing their parenting stories with me, but like this mom, I got so tired of hearing the “ours slept through the night at 3 weeks!” line after the first dozen times or so. (via Surviving A Sleep Thief)

I love exercise routines I can do without a lot of equipment (and I normally work out in my living room). I’ll be trying these this weekend! (via Chalkboard)

A reminder to say good words this week. (via Shauna Niequist)

I’m trying this granola recipe next week. (via Balance and Blueberries)

A fun list and some good etiquette reminders for registry planning.(I would add some serverware to the list). (via Style Me Pretty and Wilton Armetele)

How your mood determines reality. (via Seth Godin)

An interesting alternative to a “tech-cleanse”. (via LifeHacker)

Some strategies for redeeming airline points. (via Inc)

What did you read this week?